Five types of fashionable eyeglasses in 2022

Eyeglasses were not a fashion trend a decade ago; they were only used as corrective measures by individuals with medical issues with their eyes. Most people did all they could to avoid getting prescription eyeglasses from their doctors. However, this is no longer the glasses; eyeglasses have become quite famous and are used not only as corrective measures but also as fashion accessories. These glasses come in different styles and designs, ranging from aviator glasses and eyeglasses for men to eyeglasses for women. The stigma associated with eyeglasses is long gone, and more people are interested in trying them out. Some of the trendy eyeglasses at the moment include;

Vintage inspired eyeglasses

Timelessness is a common trait in fashion; trends in the 19th century always bounced back and even looked better. This is no exception for glasses; the eyeglasses associated with geeky people and used to correct eyesight are now being used as fashion accessories. The retro-inspired eyeglasses are often square-shaped with soft edges, making them ideal for almost every face type. They are designed in bold patterns and have pointed ends and thick rims. These glasses are an ideal complimentary accessory for individuals who enjoy vintage fashion and bold colors.

Clear frame eyeglasses

Matching your colors is quite important in fashion; you do not want your glasses to differ from your skin tone or outfits. Some people opt to purchase different patterns and colors of eyeglasses so that they can match their outfits; this could be a huge challenge for someone working with limited resources. This is why clear frame glasses are quite famous as they foster inclusivity; any outfit will always go well with clear glasses. These eyeglasses are ideal for individuals of all skin tones; you will not have to worry about the glasses not matching your skin tone. These glasses create a minimal and subdued look and thus are ideal for minimalists as they also create an illusion of a softer face compared to block colors such as brown and black.

Oversized eyeglasses

These might not be your typical glasses; they look good on other people, but would they create the same illusion on my face? Oversized glasses are for bold people who wear bold prints and colors and are not afraid to try new things. Unlike minimalists, people wearing these glasses want to create an impression, ‘hey world, I am wearing this awesome set of glasses.’ They are not trying to hide anything; the glasses describe their personality and presence. Trying oversized glasses will be exciting but do not forget to go for a pair that will balance your face and matches your skin tone.

Half-rimmed glasses

Half-rimmed eyeglasses are an improvement of trendy eyeglasses; they combine old techniques with new modern designs. In these eyeglasses, the rims are only on the upper part while the lens is left exposed. The rims could be thin or thick and come in different colors and patterns. These glasses are often used to make a statement and give more details about the personality of the person wearing them. They are ideal for younger guys that love vintage fashion; however, when purchasing them, it is advisable to consider your face type; otherwise, they would end up feeling bulky, and it would be difficult to notice major facial features.

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses

These glasses have been on the market for decades; they were made from tortoise shells when launched. Making glasses from tortoise shells is unlawful; thus, this had to stop to protect these animals. The designers resorted to using plastic materials to recreate these glasses; they still come in tortoise print designs in different colors such as brown, red and black, among others. You only have to understand your skin tone and face type to select the print that suits you best.

This article was written by roged01