Below you’ll be able to see the scholarships that the Humanistic Studies Department will be awarding. I highly recommend applying for these scholarships! There was also an email sent out by Dr. Saxton-Ruiz with all of this information in PDF form. Let Dr.Saxton-Ruiz know if you have any questions regarding the scholarships.





GammeltoftEndowed Scholarship-2015_Page_1 DanielsFellowship-2015_Page_2 DanielsFellowship-2015_Page_1 CrandallFellowship-2015_Page_2 CrandallFellowship-2015_Page_1 BickfordEndowed Scholarship-2015_Page_2 BickfordEndowed Scholarship-2015_Page_1 GammeltoftEndowed Scholarship-2015_Page_2