The Green Bay Film Society will present the next International Film of the semester on Wednesday, February th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium of the Neville Public Museum.

The Last Days of Immanuel Kant
(France, 1994)

Based on an 1850s essay by Thomas De Quincey, this little-known drama chronicles a short period in life of the great professor/philosopher in his native Konigsberg, leading up to his 1804 demise at age 80. The story looks more at the great thinker’s odd, obsessive lifestyle than it does his philosophies. Kant, truly a “mad professor,” had himself on a rigid daily schedule. At night he slept in a mummy-wrap while during the day he imbibed tremendous amounts of coffee at rigidly prescribed intervals. The whole town was expected to keep a respectful distance when Kant took his daily walks. Melodrama enters the philosopher’s life after his loyal servant for the past thirty years suddenly leaves.

All are welcome to attend.

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