Dr. Fogaça is looking for up to 6 RAs for spring 2020.

She will be conducting two studies. One will be in the design phase, where she will work with up to 2 RAs to adapt a life skills through sport program to kids on the spectrum. Activities may include literature review, assessment of manuscript strengths and weaknesses, and grant search and writing. The second will be in the data analysis phase (although there may be more data collection in the spring) and is on the topic of grieving of a team member. Dr. Fogaça will also have up to 2 RAs in this project. Activities may include interviewing, transcription of data, coding, statistical analysis, development of resources to athletes, teams, and sports institutions, and writing and presentation of results.

The final 2 RA positions are for students who have research ideas related to the topic of sport psychology and would like to collaborate with Dr. Fogaça in developing this project. Alternatively, they could conduct an independent study and develop their projects themselves, with Dr. Fogaça’s supervision.

Previous experiences in sports is not a requirement for any of the RA positions. RAs will have to participate in weekly meetings (meeting times will be defined after the RAs are chosen). Candidates are also expected to have completed the research methods course and have at least a 3.0 GPA, although a lower GPA could be acceptable depending on other qualities that the candidate has.

Interested candidates, please email Dr. Fogaça (fogacaj@uwgb.edu) by November 8th a paragraph describing which RA position they are interested in and why they are interested in this opportunity. Please also email Dr. Fogaça questions you may have about the position. Dr. Fogaça will interview candidates for the positions in the following week after applications are due.