Dr. Allen Huffcutt, a newly hired faculty in the UWGB School of Business, is looking for two psychology students interested in Industrial-Organizational to join his research team.  The specific nature of the research is yet to be determined, but most likely will include modern structured interviewing coupled with mental and personality testing. Although he will be in the School of Business, his background is in Industrial-Organizational.

The current plan is to do a group Skype call around the third or fourth week in May to get things going and talk through things in more detail.  For those available this summer, it can be used as a time to get up-to-speed on the basics and mechanics of modern structured interviewing and mental and personality testing.  That could entail reading a select number of journal articles, looking at several PowerPoint presentations, and actually taking some of the mental and personality tests to see them first-hand, and perhaps even trying your hand at developing a few structured interview questions.  He will actually be on campus on June 10thand 11thand can meet with whomever is available.

Then this fall some type of research study would be initiated.  The specific focus of that study is yet to be determined, but is something that can be discussed this summer and early fall. The end-goal would be to make one or more presentations of the results of the research study.  That could be at UWGB, or at another UW location (e.g., Madison), or even at a regional conference such as Midwestern Psych Association (MPA) in Chicago next April.  It is possible, although certainly less certain, that a journal publication could result.

Please feel free to contact him directly with any questions.  His email is ahuffcutt60@gmail.com.