Job Opportunity: VISTA School Data Analyst

School Data Analyst

Use your research skills to help create system change in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The data this VISTA develops will support community organizations in their efforts to help all kids succeed in school.

Program Description

Achieve Brown County is a community-wide partnership focused on making sure all kids in Green Bay, Wisconsin get the support they need to grow up and achieve success in a job with a living wage. Right now, 20% of Brown County youth from low income families do not graduate from high school, meaning they are not prepared for high wage jobs that could help them out of poverty.  We want that to drop to 0%.

The will be the designated data support person on community Action Teams that are working to create system change to help all students be successful in school and graduate from high school.  This work starts with attending all Action Team meetings and listening carefully for the data needs expressed by community members as they discuss local barriers and potential solutions.  The School Data Analyst will then work with the Director of Research to develop and carry out research plans to acquire the data that is needed.  Research skills will be taught to the right candidate that shows aptitude and passion for the work, giving them a great start on a future career in research and program evaluation.

For more information: VAD ABC School Data Analyst 2018-03-13