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Individualized Learning Experiences for UWGB Human Development and Psychology Students

Research Opportunity: Fall 2020 for Students Interested in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Dr. Allen Huffcutt currently works in the Cofrin School of Business, but his background is in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) psychology. He runs a student research group comprised of both psychology and business students that investigates various organizational issues. One study currently underway assesses the effects of allowing company interviewers to ask follow-up questions with candidate responses in a modern behavioral interview. Some researchers advocate that interviewers not be allowed to do so in order to main the highest level of standardization, thereby putting these highly structured interviews essentially on par with other common selection measures such as intelligence and personality tests. Other researchers believe that asking follow-up question such as “Could you tell me more about…” is necessary to understand fully the skills and abilities of candidates. Members of his team helped design the study (including its measures) last fall and are currently testing volunteer participants. That testing will most likely continue next fall. Additionally, a few members of his team are also involved in an analysis of career paths with a local bank, and similar projects could emerge next fall.

Please contact Dr. Huffcutt directly if you have any questions and/or are interested ( There is a possibility of getting course credit (e.g., Research Assistantship, Independent Study) as part of your involvement in this team.

Internship Opportunity: Play and Recess Activities at Tank and Red Smith schools

Student Internships in Play and Recess Activities at Tank and Red Smith schools in Green Bay

Internships at Tank and Red Smith schools in Green Bay, focusing on play and recess activities, are expected to be available in Fall 2020. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in School Counseling, Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Special Education to work with elementary and middle school students as well as School Counselors, Coaches, and Special Education Teachers.

Two student interns are needed at each school.

If you are interested in this type of internship or have questions, please contact Dr. VonDras (

Psychology and Stuff podcast: Content Specialist/Social Media Specialist

Psychology and Stuff is the psychology podcast out of the Phoenix Studios podcast network at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay ( hosted by Ryan Martin and Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  • participating in production meetings and brainstorming sessions,
  • researching topics for potential episodes and identifying guests,
  • assisting and managing multiple social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram),
  • creating multimedia content such as: blogs and “listicles”, photos, graphics, videos, Instagram stories, etc.,
  • managing episode uploads,
  • analyzing social media data for potential improvements,
  • promotion of podcasts via other relevant avenues (e.g., email campaigns, fliers),
  • organizing podcast related events (e.g., festivals, live episodes),
  • and other related work.

Priority will go to students who are strong academically, organized, personable, creative, and have experience and expertise in social media management.

This is a 3-credit internship.  Applicants must be Psychology majors.

Interested students should complete the online application by March 26th at 5PM. Interviews will be held on Tuesday March 31st.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Ryan Martin at or Dr. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges at

Online Application:


The PATH Employment Opportunity

Our Organization: 

We are a Non-profit organization that provides services to families and their children with special needs.   Our mission is to offer experiences that enrich the lives of individuals with 

disabilities.  We are fourteen plus ears in the making and continue to enrich ways we support our families in and around Door County. 


The Position(s):  Summer Only (Projected: June 22nd thru August 14th) 

Currently we are looking for individuals that work well with diversity among young people including understanding and patience for the challenges that impact our participants with special needs.  This is a summer employment opportunity that runs for 8 weeks.  We are in operation a minimum of three days with potential to grow to five days a week.  (Week days only).  (Hours range between 18 to 30 pending on enrollment)  Continue reading

Sport Psychology Internship Opportunity

Dr. Alan Chu is recruiting one to two students to serve as sport psychology interns for Dr. Chu’s work with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes. This experience would be a good fit for students who are interested in sport and performance psychology related work. The main responsibilities including the following:

  1. Preparing and organizing sport psychology assessment and consulting materials.
  2. Providing support, such as attending workshops to assist with distributing and collecting materials.
  3. Handling performance data including performance profiling and statistical analyses.

Any student who has taken PSYCH 300 and is interested in sport and performance psychology can apply. Selected students will earn 2-3 credits and meet with Dr. Chu weekly in Spring 2020. To apply, students should email an unofficial academic transcript and a statement (one page, double-spaced, APA format) describing experiences and interests related to sport and performance psychology and expectations of the internship (e.g., what you want to learn and accomplish) to Dr. Chu ( by December 1. Feel free to email Dr. Chu if you have any questions or concerns.

Office of International Education Internship Spring 2020

The Office of International Education (OIE) is looking for a psychology student to intern for Spring 2020 for an average of 10 hours/week (150 hours/semester) and do a combination of office work (front desk duties, small projects) as well as a larger project/assignments tied to Psychology.  Students can earn up to 3 credits for the internship.  Interns also help with OIE events such as International Student Orientation, the Study Abroad Fair, classroom visits, advising, and other events that may come up or that our interns plan themselves!

Past projects have included:

 –          Social media management (Communications major)

–          Re-entry & post-graduate options (Humanities major)

–          Mental Health abroad- website creation (Psychology major)

–          Marketing and analytics of participants (Business major)

The OIE is willing to work with you on projects that can be beneficial to you academically and also beneficial to the OIE office.  The OIE prefers study abroad alumni (especially semester programs!) or international students due to the nature of projects, but we are open to having one student with no experience in this area per semester.  NO office experience is needed- we can teach you!

Contact Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges at ASAP if you are interested!

Volunteer Opportunity: Common CAHSS Volunteers

We are looking for some amazing student volunteers to help make the Common CAHSS Conference a success (bonus: volunteers will receive a complimentary t-shirt J). There are volunteer opportunities ranging from setting up the Weidner Center, greeting and checking guests into the conference, monitoring/enjoying conference sessions, providing directions to guests, and helping during the evening keynote speaker. In order to check out the opportunities and sign up, please follow the instructions below:

  1.  Go to the CUE GB Website:
    1. CUE GB is a volunteer platform that UWGB uses for campus and community events
  2. On the top right corner of web page, click LOGIN
  3. Click on the orange button that says “UWGB Students/Faculty/Staff Login Here”
  4. You will then be able to create an account using your UW-Green Bay login credentials
  5. Once you are logged in, go to the Dashboard (you can get there by clicking “Dashboard” on the left side of the page)
  6. You will see a blue banner that says “Common CAHSS” – click on VOLUNTEER HERE
  7. You will then see all of the volunteer needs and sign up by clicking on the need(s) that interest you
  8. Sam Post will be working with volunteers. Please email or call her with any questions: 920-465-2866

Study Abroad Trip

Feeding the Body and Mind: Physical and Mental Health Study Abroad in France

The goal of the trip is to learn from experiencing how the bounty of nature can help feed our bodies and minds. In Paris we will discover how gardens and parks help reduce the stresses inherent in urban life in big cities such as this.  In Nice, we will walk by the Mediterranean Sea and feel the benefits of moving water and taste the food that comes from the sea to the table.


  • What Courses: Nutritional Science (NUT SCI 499)/Psychology (PSYCH 499)
  • Program Dates: May 17, 2020 – June 1, 2020
  • Professors: Deb Pearson & Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

Want to know more?

  • Check out the website
  • email Georjeanna:
  • Come to an Informational Session:
    • Thursday November 21 5:00-5:30pm in MAC 109
  • Come to a Drop-In Informational Session:
    • Wednesday December 4 11:00am-12:00pm in the World Unity Room A (in the Union) 

Spring 2020 Internships: Associate Dean Assistant Positions and Phoenix Studios Intern

Dr. Ryan Martin is looking for three interns for the Spring 2020 Semester: Content Specialist/Social Media Specialist, Event Coordinator/Social Media Specialist, and Phoenix Studios Intern.  Continue reading

Teaching Assistantships for PSYCH 300 Research Methods and PSYCH 308 Physiological Psychology

Dr. Alan Chu is recruiting two to three students to serve as teaching assistants for PSYCH 300 Research Methods in Psychology (in-person) and/or PSYCH 308 Physiological Psychology (in-person and online). This experience would be a good fit for students who are interested in teaching and/or applying for graduate school. The main responsibilities including the following:

  1. Preparing and organizing class activities and PSYCH 300 lab activities.
  2. Providing support, such as answering questions related to assignments and course concepts, to students via email and during office hours.
  3. Handling Canvas tasks, including uploading and downloading relevant information.
  4. Being involved in mini teaching tasks, including some presentations in class and grading.

Any student who has taken PSYCH 300 and/or PSYCH 308 can apply. Selected students will earn 2-3 credits and meet with Dr. Chu weekly in Spring 2020. Students who are interested in being a research assistant has the option of doing a combination of research and teaching assistantships for 3 credits. While Dr. Chu prefers that the teaching assistant assists either PSYCH 300 or 308, while students can indicate their interest in one or both courses. To apply, students should email an unofficial academic transcript and a statement (one page, double-spaced, APA format) describing teaching-related experience and interests, which course(s) they would like to assist, and expectations of the assistantship (e.g., what you want to learn and accomplish) to Dr. Chu ( Feel free to email Dr. Chu if there are any questions.

Spring 2020 Research Assistants for Projects on Motivation and Biases in Sport

Dr. Alan Chu (see his research work here: is recruiting three to four students to serve as research assistants for several research projects in Spring 2020:

  1. Four projects are related to sport motivation and physical/psychosocial outcomes (well-being, burnout) in current or former high school athletes. Because most of the data have been collected, the main responsibilities for these projects will be data organization, data analysis, and report writing and formatting. Some planning and hands-on research tasks will also be included for data collection in high schools in the Northeast Wisconsin area.
  2. Two projects are related to collegiate and table tennis athletes’ motivation and mental skills profiles. These are nationwide online survey studies. The main responsibilities for these projects will be communicating with athletic staff (e.g., coaches) for participant recruitment, as well as data organization and data analysis.
  3. One project is related to gender and racial biases in sport, particularly how they influence referees’ decision-making in soccer. This is a new experimental study, and the main responsibilities will be hands-on data collection and analysis, which include the use of physiological measures such as eye tracking.
  4. One project is related to human’s need in novelty and its relationship with motivation based on psychosocial and physiological perspectives. This is a new experimental study, and the main responsibilities will be literature review, participant recruitment and data collection, and potentially some data analysis, which may include the use of physiological measures such as heart rate.

Any student who has taken a Research Methods course can apply. Selected students will attend weekly meetings (most likely as part of a research team) and earn 3 credits in Spring. If students who are senior want to work on only data analysis and writing, there will also be an option of take only 1 or 2 credits. To apply, students should email an unofficial academic transcript and a statement (one page, double-spaced, APA format) describing your research experience, project(s) of interest, and your expectations of the assistantship (e.g., what you want to learn and accomplish) to Dr. Chu ( Feel free to email Dr. Chu if you have any questions.

Interested in doing an Internship, Honors Project, etc.?

If you are considering an Internship working with older adults, or in the area of vocation rehabilitation, or are interested conducting a Research Project, Independent Study, Honors Project, or would like to serve as a Teaching Assistant, I would be happy to work with you in developing your individual learning experience (or will direct you to another Faculty member who might be interested in working with you).

You can contact  Dr. Dean VonDras ( at any time to discuss a possible project. And you can read a bit more about each of these types of independent learning opportunities through the links at the bottom of my web-page:

Research Assistants and Independent Study Students Sought for Humanistic Gerontology Project:

Project description and goals: To learn about and explore the area of humanistic gerontology, focusing on questions of meaning and purpose, developmental insights, inter-generational relations, and self-actualization in the lives of older people as reflected in the arts, literature, philosophy, history, and life-stories. We also hope to develop skills in science journalism, oral history, and narrative writing as we seek to elucidate connections between psychological, social, cultural, and biological factors that influence development and change in old age. 
Please contact Dr. Dean VonDras ( to ask questions and express interest in participating in this project.

Research Assistantships with Dr. Ikizer

Dr. Ikizer is looking for up to 3 RAs for Spring 2020. She will be mainly working on a study in the data analysis phase. The study is on stigma and involves data from open-ended questions. Dr. Ikizer and her RAs will analyze the data using mixed-method analyses, novel techniques that involve both qualitative and quantitative analyses of text. Activities include reading through and cleaning many data files and interpreting the outcomes of the analyses. There might also be a small-scale data collection.

Previous research experience is not a requirement. It is preferred that applicants have taken the research methods course. Research experience, interests, and GPA will be considered in selecting candidates. It is important that candidates are detail-oriented and motivated.

Interested candidates can email Dr. Ikizer at by November 8th. Please include a short blurb of your research interests, your research experience, and current GPA in your emails. Dr. Ikizer will interview candidates on a rolling basis. For questions, email Dr. Ikizer at

Four Different Internship Experiences! Interns Needed to Work in Schools and/or with Kids!

Interns Needed to Work in Schools and/or with Kids!

Dr. Holstead is seeking up to 22 students to complete internships in local schools and on campus. Interns must be a declared Psychology major or minor. Below are all of the different opportunities Dr. Holstead has available. To apply for any of these, please click here and fill out your information:

Deadline to apply: October 28th


•       Shadowing school psychologists in Green Bay Area Public Schools

•       7-8 hours per week. Schedule set between student and School Psychs (flexible).


•       Facilitating a social skills group in the Center for Growth and Wellness (MAC 120X) on UWGB campus

•       7-8 hours per week. Must be available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 4 – 7 pm.

FOXVIEW (5th-6th grade) ALTERNATIVE RECESS Internship

•       Working with youth in Foxview Intermediate School (5th-6th grade students) in Depere

•       7-8 hours per week. Must be available Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday during lunch hour.


•       Working with youth in DePere Middle School (7th-8th grade students) in Depere

•       7-8 hours per week. Must be available Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday during lunch hour.



Sport Psychology Research Assistantships with Dr. Fogaça (deadline updated)

Dr. Fogaça is looking for up to 6 RAs for spring 2020.

She will be conducting two studies. One will be in the design phase, where she will work with up to 2 RAs to adapt a life skills through sport program to kids on the spectrum. Activities may include literature review, assessment of manuscript strengths and weaknesses, and grant search and writing. The second will be in the data analysis phase (although there may be more data collection in the spring) and is on the topic of grieving of a team member. Dr. Fogaça will also have up to 2 RAs in this project. Activities may include interviewing, transcription of data, coding, statistical analysis, development of resources to athletes, teams, and sports institutions, and writing and presentation of results.

The final 2 RA positions are for students who have research ideas related to the topic of sport psychology and would like to collaborate with Dr. Fogaça in developing this project. Alternatively, they could conduct an independent study and develop their projects themselves, with Dr. Fogaça’s supervision.

Previous experiences in sports is not a requirement for any of the RA positions. RAs will have to participate in weekly meetings (meeting times will be defined after the RAs are chosen). Candidates are also expected to have completed the research methods course and have at least a 3.0 GPA, although a lower GPA could be acceptable depending on other qualities that the candidate has.

Interested candidates, please email Dr. Fogaça ( by November 8th a paragraph describing which RA position they are interested in and why they are interested in this opportunity. Please also email Dr. Fogaça questions you may have about the position. Dr. Fogaça will interview candidates for the positions in the following week after applications are due.

Tank Elementary Internship Applications (deadline updated)

Internship Opportunity for Spring 2020

Recess Program at Tank Elementary School

Are you interested in sport psychology, counseling, school psychology, social work, or teaching?   

Are you interested in gaining some experience working with young children?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, this internship might be for you!!

Tank Elementary School in Green Bay is seeking two responsible and dependable college students to assist with their Recess Program and Sensory Room.  Tank is made up of kindergarten through 5th grade students.  The Recess program involves guiding children engaging in physical activities and play, while teaching them skills to manage their emotions and behaviors.  In addition, interns will provide support for the learning of socioemotional skills in the school’s sensory room, which is available for all students.

The time commitment would be seven hours per week. Although there is some flexibility on the schedule, students are expected to be present for at least two days around the time of recess (12:05-1:05 pm). The final schedule of the internship will be defined after the interns are chosen.  In addition to recess, interns work in other ways at the school (such as assisting in a classroom, lunch break, reading with students, and playing learning games) to earn their 100 hours total for the 3-credit internship.  These are not paid positions, but it is a great internship opportunity.  The Recess Program is flexible environment to get to know some kids and practice your skills.

If you’re interested and would be able to intern for 2 days (lunch periods) per week for the Spring 2020 semester, please contact Professor Jana Fogaça by email at fogacaj@uwgb.eduto receive an application. All applications are due to Dr. Fogaça by Friday November 8th, 2019.

**You must meet the qualifications for a Psychology or Human Development Internship – check out the website for details at

Job Opportunity: 21C At Risk After School Staff

The YMCA is looking for part-time staff for the 21C program. Every day working in our 21st Century Community Learning Center (21C) gives you the opportunity to change a child’s life for the better!
The 21C program can best be described as an extension of the school day, offering students a safe and fun environment where Y staff help them grow and thrive in academics, social skills, and emotional development. You will have responsibility for a group of students and encourage positive behavior choices and character development as you lead them through a variety of curriculum. You will also complete regular training which will develop your skills to deliver programming and curriculum that meets the School District and YMCA standards.

Schedule – Apply today for Fall openings!
Eisenhower – Mon, Wed, Fri
Tank – Mon-Fri

Locations: Our 21C program runs at the following Green Bay elementary schools:
  • Baird: 3:00-6:30pm
  • Beaumont: 2:00-5:45pm
  • Doty: 2:15-6:00pm
  • Eisenhower: 2:30-6:30pm
  • Howe: 2:00-5:30pm
  • Sullivan: 3:00-6:15pm
  • Tank: 3:00-6:15pm
  • Program Staff should ideally have at least three months experience working with children; previous experience working with children in group settings and from diverse backgrounds is a plus.
  • An individual who is seeking a degree in Education, Child Psychology or Human Development is preferred.
  • Must be able to relate well to children, adults, and school/site staff and work the after school hours of the school’s operational year.
  • The ability to speak conversational Spanish is helpful, but not required.
  • High school degree or equivalent highly preferred; high school seniors with a strong interest in education are invited to apply.

Apply at 

Job Opportunity: LearningRx

LearningRx is currently have an opening for a part-time trainer at our brain training center in Green Bay. LearningRx is a learning center that specializes in working primarily with young children and teenagers. A brain trainer uses the LearningRx programs to lead their students one-on-one through a rigorous and fun set of training exercises. It’s essentially a fitness program for the brain. These exercises target an individual’s core cognitive skills to make them stronger resulting in more efficient learning.

This is a great opportunity to gain professional experience working with children. Join the LearningRx team and make a difference in the lives of others.

Job Overview

· New trainers are provided with job training

· Work with students 1:1 using the LearningRx programs

· Track student progress in session

· Employee workshop opportunities available

· $14/hr. paid per session

· Bonus opportunities available

Trainer Qualities

· Outgoing, energetic personality

· Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

· Ability to encourage in a coach-like manner

· Experience working with children and enjoy working with children

· Ability to multi-task while remaining organized

· Demonstrate a commitment to work with a client from start to finish (typically up to 7 months per student)

· Excel working in a distracting environment

· Quick learner

· Detail oriented

· Flexible thinker

Job Requirements

· Minimum of BA/BS degree

· Must be available 3-5 days per week. The majority of hours are available after school and early evenings.

Salary: $14.00 /hour/session

***Bonus opportunities

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $14.00 /hour

Those interested contact Nancy Henn with more information,



Research Opportunity Fall 2019: Psych and HR

Dr. Allen Huffcutt, a newly hired faculty in the UWGB School of Business, is looking for two psychology students interested in Industrial-Organizational to join his research team.  The specific nature of the research is yet to be determined, but most likely will include modern structured interviewing coupled with mental and personality testing. Although he will be in the School of Business, his background is in Industrial-Organizational. Continue reading

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