Important Information for the End of the Semester


 This post contains information on:

  • Student Rehire Process
  • Important dates for graduating seniors and students not continuing
  • Summer ACA hours limitations
  • Federal Work Study balance reports
  • Summer Work Study
  • Posting a position in Handshake
  • Earnings Statements & W-2 Form

Student Rehire Process
It’s time to have a conversation with your student employees about their plans to continue working for Summer 2022 and/or Academic Year 2022-2023. Student supervisors received an email with current student appointments and will provide updated information to our office.


The last day of work for graduating seniors and those not returning for the Fall Semester is May 13, 2022. This applies to all student employees, work study or regular. If your student employee is graduating or will no longer be enrolled, you may have the option to hire them as a University Staff Temporary (UST) employee. All UST requests have to be approved by leadership before hire. Please contact Human Resources with any questions about this process.

Other Important Dates

  • July B Pay Period (7/3/22-7/16/22): Student Hours Limit of 20 hours for these two weeks
  • Wednesday, September 7, 2022: First day of classes for the 2022 Fall Semester


As a reminder, the Student Payroll Calendar outlines weekly hour limits. During summer break, starting on 5/22/22, departments may allow students to work up to 40 hours per week. As outlined on the calendar, the July B payroll (7/3/22-7/16/22) does have a weekly limit of 20 hours. Note that the 25-hour per week limit for the academic year resumes with the August B payroll period on 8/21/22.


These reports are sent bi-weekly via email to students with an FWS award. This email contains FWS amounts and balances. Ask your FWS student employee(s) to provide you with these emails as a way to monitor award balances. Monitoring FWS balances will assist you when scheduling hours and help avoid exceeding a student’s FWS award.


Limited Work Study funding is available for students that complete a summer financial aid application at Please note: Students do not need to be enrolled in summer courses to be eligible for Work Study funds; however, students must maintain adequate enrollment for Fall 2022. As always, changes in credit load may impact financial aid eligibility. Summer Work Study will begin on May 22, 2022. Academic Year Work Study will begin on August 28, 2022.


Open positions should be posted in Handshake. There is an Employer Help Center that can address many questions you may have about using the system. Please contact the Student Employment Office ( with any questions.


Earnings statements are available to all current student employees through access to the My UWGB Portal at and can be accessed at any time, from any computer that has an internet connection. To login, the student will need to select UW-Green Bay, and then enter their UW-Green Bay user ID and password. Access to the portal is tied to employment, thus, if employment ends, so will access to the portal.

2022 W-2 Forms will be sent to the student’s home address, and a copy will be available in the portal at the end of January 2023. Please have your students review their personal information on the portal. If the address listed is incorrect, please have your student change it in the portal. If you need further assistance, notify


  • Student Employment Office (in Financial Aid)
    • Student employee concerns and questions
    • Part-time student employment opportunities
    • Off-campus employment through Work Study
  • Human Resources
    • Student employment eligibility
    • Appointment setup/details
    • Employment paperwork
    • My UWGB Portal access
  • Payroll and Benefits or
    • Timesheets and hours
    • Payroll processing or earnings statements