We Love Working At UW-Green Bay Because…

Last week, we asked employees via the HR Connect why they loved working at UW-Green Bay. This is what they had to say:

I love working with my passionate colleagues in the Psychology Department who work tirelessly in service of our students and their success!

I love CATL at UWGB.  Any time I have a question or need a creative solution to a teaching issue or just need some inspiration, the awesome staff in CATL never lets me down!

I love being a part of something I believe in. As an alumna, I know first-hand the transformative effect of UW-Green Bay.

I love working at UW-Green Bay because of the caring and compassionate people here, fun and ever changing environment with the students, and the beautiful campuses.

I love working at UW-Green Bay because of the people I get to interact with on a daily basis. You all make this a great place to work!

I love working at an organization that has such a recognized shared mission and vision. Faculty and staff in every part of the institution are dedicated to nurturing student success, and that is constantly evident in the great work being done by our amazing colleagues across the four campuses!

I love seeing others succeed/reach their goals and appreciate having the opportunity to always learn and find new passions. The coffee shop is a nice added bonus!

Want to share why you love working at UW-Green Bay? Email Human Resources at hr@uwgb.edu and tell us so we can share!