Welcome Pang Yang and HR Restructure

The Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity guides the efforts to recruit, develop, and retain faculty and staff members who meet the needs of a dynamic academic institution. We provide strategic planning, offer administrative services, promote employee needs, and facilitate organizational change.

In reviewing the University mission, strategic priorities, and internal and external environmental factors, it is clear that the HR office must make intentional strides to increase our impact across campus in areas such as digital transformation, data reporting/analysis, strategic partnership/change management, employee learning & development, and equity, diversity & inclusion (EDI). To advance in these areas, the HR Office will be undergoing the following restructure (to include filling a long-standing vacancy) effective June 28, 2021:

Welcome, Pang Yang

We are delighted to announce that Pang Yang has been appointed into a reimagined position of Talent Acquisition & Engagement Coordinator. This position will serve as a resource to foster an inclusive institutional culture and create and nurture authentic and intentional relationships with diverse communities both internal and external to UW-Green Bay. Specifically, Pang will provide coordination in areas such as recruitment, AA/EDI, orientation/onboarding, and employee engagement (including Wellness). Coming from a role in Graduate Studies (and previously Humanities), Pang brings to our office a vast knowledge of UW-Green Bay and the UW System, experience in recruitment and engagement, and a passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are so excited to have Pang join our team!

Congratulations, Julie Flenz

Julie Flenz has been an HR Business Partner at UW-Green Bay since August of 2015, and has demonstrated expertise in employee support/engagement, recruitment, and retention. As part of the departmental restructure, Julie has been promoted to serve as the Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist. Her role will provide renewed emphasis on expanding our office’s impact in developing and facilitating relevant and timely learning and development opportunities for faculty and staff. Julie will also oversee institutional recruitment efforts as well as provide leadership for employee engagement activities.

Introducing Talent Management and Engagement Team

Julie Flenz, Pang Yang, and Megan Noltner will make up the newly-named Talent Management and Engagement Team. Megan Noltner will continue to lend her expertise in employee relations, policy, and compliance by serving as the Employee Relations and Compliance Specialist/Title IX Deputy Co-Coordinator. Megan’s role works collaboratively with stakeholders across the institution with respect to labor and employment relations issues, HR records retention, performance management, policy development and support, and retention initiatives. The Talent Management and Engagement Team is designed to serve as dynamic partners with internal and external stakeholders to recruit, retain, develop, and engage talent across the institution.

Introducing HR Systems and Total Rewards Team

To better align our office’s practices and processes with institutional strategic initiatives such as digital transformation and data-based decision making, Kimberly Sipiorski, Jenny Charapata, and Jolene Truckenbrod will make up the HR Systems and Total Rewards Team. This team will lead the HR Office’s efforts to streamline transactional processes, align institutional practices with UW System efforts to provide administrative efficiencies, and develop structures to report and analyze data related to the institution’s talent resources. This team will also be responsible for the administration of employee total rewards programs, which includes the experiences, career development, compensation, and benefits that allow employees to maximize their career, well-being, and financial success. The HR Systems and Total Rewards Team is designed to ensure that the systems and practices we use to support and compensate employees across the institution are intuitive, efficient, transparent, and effective.

For details about the roles of HR Staff, please see our HR Staff webpage. For those areas that work more frequently with specific HR Office personnel (i.e. dean assistants, administration, etc.), we will be providing additional information via email. Should you have questions related to this restructure, please do not hesitate to contact any of the HR Staff or the general contact information for the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity (x2390 or hr@uwgb.edu).