LinkedIn Learning March Celebrating Women Challenge Participants

Thank you to all those who participated in the LinkedIn Learning March Celebrating Women Challenge. Employees who participated in this challenge were asked to watch a short video each day and then send us their biggest takeaways. Here is what they learned:

Pieter deHart – Motherhood intensifies performance bias; Listing PTA coordinator on a resume yields a 79% decrease in likelihood for an individual to be hired or promoted, and yields a lower salary than those who do not list it. Maternal bias is the strongest of the gender biases.

Donna Mleziva – Attribution bias. Using meeting agendas wisely for meetings is a practical takeaway. Distributing the agenda in advance makes meeting so much more productive especially when times are set for each item. Conflict being part of the process to come up with better solutions is something that can also be set aside.

Denise Baeten – Confirmation Bias, Females want continuous improvement, Women are interrupted more.

Kimberlee McKeefry – We all have unconscious bias. Men and women saying/doing the same things are viewed/judged differently.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the March Challenge.