Workforce-Wide Intermittent Furlough Time Entry Approval for Supervisors

As determined by Chancellor Alexander, commencing July 1, 2020 and continuing through December 31, 2020, UWGB will implement workforce-wide furloughs for all ongoing employees for the purpose of reducing overall institutional expenses in anticipation of reduced program revenue and loss of state funding.

On Friday, June 19th, employees received an email from Human Resources with designation of their individual number of furlough days. As indicated within the notice, employees will be required to record their intermittent furlough dates via their My UW Portal.

Additional instructions for furlough entry based on employee classification:

For supervisors of University Staff and Academic Staff Hourly (Employees paid on a Bi-weekly basis):

      • Instructions:
      • Items to note:
        • Employee will enter designated date of intermittent furlough on their timesheet utilizing the FURLH code.
        • Employee will report any hours worked or leave taken on timesheet as normal on days not designated as intermittent furlough.
        • The process to approve employees submitted furlough timesheet entry is the same as the current process for approving all submitted hours.

For supervisors of Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited (Employees paid on a Monthly basis):

      • Instructions:
      • Items to note:
        • Employees will need to complete a bi-weekly timesheet for the week they are on intermittent furlough
        • The biweekly timesheet entry has different deadlines than monthly leave reporting (biweekly timesheet entry deadlines:, so employees may need to enter their intermittent furlough day before the end of the month. Supervisors should also be approving these hours in accordance with this schedule.
        • If the employee missed the deadline for entering hours on their timesheet, you can enter and submit the hours on their timesheet for them (instructions:
        • Employees will still need to enter their monthly leave report as usual for the month. A “no leave taken report” should still be entered if only furlough days were taken within the month.
        • Employees will only need to enter hours on the timesheet for the week that they have the furlough day – not both weeks (example below).
        • If the employee’s appointment is less than full-time, the hours entered per day on the timesheet should match the FTE.  For example, if the FTE is 75%, 6 hours would be entered for each day that week in the quantity field.

For supervisors of Instructional Academic Staff and Faculty (Employees paid on month basis, 9-Month):

As a reminder, employees will be furloughed November 27, 2020 (Day after Thanksgiving) and all campus locations will be closed for business on that date. Furlough time entry will still need to be completed for this day following the procedures above.

Information for how to complete time entry for employees on intermittent furlough can be found by clicking here.

Please contact Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390 with any questions.