Online Well-Being Resources

We recognize the recent unprecedented events may cause stress and other life challenges for you and your family members and friends. Here are some online well-being resources that may be helpful.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): We encourage employees to utilize individual providers through your health insurance program and/or UW-Green Bay’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is available for all employees, to include student employees. EAP offers services to support employee well-being and resilience in work and life, including navigating anxieties related to COVID-19.  Online resources about emotional/mental health, work/life challenges, legal/financial circumstances, and monthly webinars are available.

Telemedicine*: This is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of electronic communication. So, you can access health care through a video chat or a ‘virtual house call.’ Through telemedicine, a doctor may be able to recommend treatment, prescribe medication, refer you to a specialist or tell you, based on your symptoms, if you should see a doctor in-person.  These services vary among insurance carriers, so check your carrier’s website for details.  click on this link to see the health insurance carriers (ex. Dean Prevea 360, Network, WEA Trust-East, etc.), and then click on your carrier’s name.  For example, with WEA Trust-East, this service is called “Amwell” and Dean Prevea 360 has “Virtual Visit.”

Pharmacy Benefits*: Click here for information about the process to get a 90-day supply of prescription medications, or use a the Serve You mail order program.

Wellness*: Use the StayWell website to participate in wellness challenges, make progress towards your Well Wisconsin $150 Incentive, and take advantage of online health coaches and resources such as videos, articles and healthy recipes.  Have you downloaded the StayWell Mobile App yet?  It’s easy and convenient. The “My StayWell” app is available via the App Store or Google Play.

*This information is specific to those who are enrolled in the State of Wisconsin Health Insurance Program.

Questions?  Please contact us at or (920) 465-2390.