Write a Thank-You Note

Maybe you’ve heard of random acts of kindness. As its name implies, a random act of kindness involves doing something thoughtful for another person with no expectation of being paid back, or even thanked for it. The recipient of your act may be someone you know, or a complete stranger. Either way, research proves that kind acts not only benefit the recipient, but also make you feel happier.


Today, why not take a few minutes to write a thank-you note to someone? Maybe you’ll write to a former teacher, a good friend, or even someone you see frequently but don’t know well—like the barista you buy your coffee from every morning, or your child’s teacher. It needn’t be fancy or long, just a simple expression of how much you appreciate the person. The few minutes it takes you to write the note may make someone’s day much brighter.

Article from the StayWell Company, LLC