Board of Regents Protocol for the Chancellor Search & Screen Process

As announced in a memorandum to the university community on August 14, 2019, Chancellor Gary L. Miller has resigned his position as UW-Green Bay Chancellor effective September 30, 2019. In the coming months, a national search for UW-Green Bay’s next Chancellor will commence.

Regent Policy Document (RPD) 6-4 outlines the protocol determined by the Board of Regents for the selection of University of Wisconsin System senior leadership positions, including chancellors of UW institutions. This protocol was revised by the Board of Regents in 2017.  With those revisions, the upcoming Chancellor search process will be different than the 2014 search in areas such as chancellor qualifications and search and screen committee composition.

The following information from RPD 6-4 pertains to the recruitment and selection of institutional chancellors:

  • Special Regent Committee Composition:
1. Special Regent Committee Composition: Bookmark Anchor

President Cross will designate a Special Regent Committee consisting of not less than three nor more than five Regents to be involved in the selection process for a replacement.

  • Chancellor Qualifications:
2. Chancellor Qualifications: Bookmark Anchor

The Special Regent Committee shall work with the System President to produce a brief job description, taking into account the special characteristics of the institution at which the Chancellor would serve. The job description shall be inclusive and encourage applicants from various professional backgrounds and not require candidates for chancellor to have a terminal degree or the academic experience to be awarded tenure at the institution.

  • Search and Screen Committee Composition:
3. Search and Screen Committee Composition: Bookmark Anchor

The Search and Screen Committee shall be comprised of ten members, to include five Regents and five individuals knowledgeable of the duties and responsibilities of the position and broadly representative of the interests of the students, faculty, academic staff, university staff, administrators, community and friends of the institution and the interests of the UW System. The Regent President shall appoint five Regents to the Search and Screen Committee, and designate one of the Regents as chair.

The non-Regent members of the committee shall be appointed after the President consults with members of the institution’s governance groups and other members of the university community. The appoints shall include two faculty, one staff representative from the institution, one student, and one community and/or alumni member.