4 Exercise Excuses You Can Overcome


Regular exercise can help you feel better and live longer. So what’s stopping you? No matter your reason, there’s a solution. Get ready to stop making excuses and get going.


Excuse: I hate aerobics­. And weightlifting. And anything else that feels like gym class.

Get past it: Good news: You don’t have to revisit gym class. Studies show that lifestyle activities­ are just as effective as structured exercise programs in improving fitness. So walk the dog, do yard work, run up and down the stairs, or dance to your favorite music. It all counts as exercise.


Excuse: I don’t have time to exercise­.

Get past it:  If you can’t find 30 minutes in a row, break it up. Three different 10-minute activities are just as effective. Or scrub the bathroom for 15 minutes. Now you’ve already met half your exercise goal for the day.


Excuse: I’m too tired to exercise.

Get past it: Yes, it’s hard to get out of that chair. But if you do exercise regularly, you’ll actually feel less tired and have more energy. Studies show you’ll sleep better, too. Just start moving, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll perk up.


Excuse: I’m not at risk for heart disease, so I don’t need to exercise.

Get past it: Actually, by not exercising, you are at risk for heart disease­. An inactive lifestyle also increases your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and colon cancer.


Article from The StayWell Company, LLC