Self Insurance & Regionalization: What’s coming and where to get more information

As communicated in a prior post, the Group Insurance Board (GIB) approved a motion to move to a self-insured health insurance model for State Group Health effective January 2018.  Under the self-insured model, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) would hold health insurance funds in a reserve to pay individual health care claims instead of paying health insurance companies a fixed dollar amount for employee health insurance.  In addition to moving to a self-insured model, the GIB also approved changes to the service model to regionalize the health plans, dividing the state into four regions.  This regionalization will move the State Group Health Insurance from 17 options to 6 regional options.  In addition, there will be 1 statewide/nationwide option.  Brown County and the greater Green Bay area will be under the Eastern region, with two regional vendors, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Network Health Administrative Services.

Review this helpful short video to learn more about Self Insurance and Regionalization and what it means for you.

Self Insurance

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