Re-Contracting 2019

Do we still have space in UW-Green Bay housing for the 2019/20 academic year? The answer is YES!

If your student still needs a place to live next year, have them contact our office at (920) 465-2040 and we can discuss their housing options. There are many perks to living on-campus which include:

  • Financial Aid can be applied to the housing charges right on their student account
  • The advance deposit for current residents rolls over for the next contract
  • Events hosted by Residence Life to get your student involved on campus
  • Resources such as Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants who can answer questions or resolve concerns
  • Within walking distance of classes equaling more sleep and less worry about making it to class on time due to weather
  • Everything is included in rent – Utilities, cable, internet, furnished housing
  • Private bathrooms
  • Laundry facilities in each building

Housing at UW-Green Bay is on high demand! Call us today with questions!

Office of Residence Life
(920) 465-2040

Move-Out Day is Approaching

All current housing contracts for the 2018/19 academic year end on Saturday, May 18 at 4:00 p.m. Students are required to vacate their accommodations by this date and time otherwise a $50.00 improper check-out fee will be assessed. Students who are graduating and may need more time to move out need to contact the Office of Residence Life by May 15, 2019.

It is acceptable to park near entrances during move out. Be sure not to double park or block walk ways or access to the building.

Move Out Steps:

  1. In order to avoid cleaning charges, students must clean their room or apartment thoroughly. This includes but is not limited to cleaning all surfaces, walls, furniture, medicine cabinet, appliances, cupboards and counter tops (if applicable), toilet, shower, vanity/sink, and the bathroom floor. Carpeted areas must be vacuumed and the vinyl or tile floor areas must be mopped.   For a detailed checklist of cleaning responsibilities, please see:
  2. Remove all belongings from housing before leaving; check all drawers, closets, etc. Items left behind will be disposed of after 30 days.
  3. Does your students have items they do not want to take home, but are still in good condition? Bring it to our donation bins located in the Community Center, contemporary apartment first floor lounges, and Roy Downham lounge. All items will be donated to the UWGB Camus Cupboard and St. Vincent de Paul.
  4. Mailboxes need to be emptied and all packages picked up. We do not keep packages for students who do not live on campus over the summer. Packages and mail will begin to be accepted on August 1, 2019 for students moving in the fall. Mail forwarding information also needs to be filled out before departure, even if the student is returning in fall.
  5. The final step in the process is for your student to complete the online Express Check-out process by visiting the housing web site. Students who do not check out of their room or apartment will be assessed an improper checkout fee of $50.00.

55789993_635668570205080_6435409418132652032_nAfter departure, Residence Life staff members will be inspecting living spaces for damages caused by residents. It is important to clean and take care of the living space to avoid damages charges at departure. On the express check-out form that is filled out as part of departure there are places to list damage done by the resident and damage done by others. This information is used as part of the damage appeal process, so the more information that is listed the better an appeal can be evaluated.

Our goal is to minimize charges to students by providing detailed instructions and having Resident Assistants work with your student to complete a Responsibility for Cleaning Form with their roommates. If your student has questions, please direct them to the Office of Residence Life or their Resident Assistant. Any check-out fees that are assessed will be applied to student SIS accounts by June 21 and an e-mail will be sent with a brief description of charges.

ResFest 2019

On Friday, May 10 from 3:00pm until 6:00pm, the Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA) is hosting ResFest 2019 in Phoenix Park located outside of the University Union. ResFest is an end of the year event held right before finals to give students an opportunity to celebrate an amazing year with their campus friends. This year the theme is Under the Sea, so many of the activities and food will follow suit. RHAA will also host their end of the year Bingo (a UWGB favorite) during ResFest with the opportunity for students to win some fabulous prizes.

55957834_384004759118538_733440097575239680_nWe are excited to announce that, ResFest will include a session of goat yoga (yes, that’s a real thing), an inflatable obstacle course, bubble soccer, henna, balloon art, a caricature artist and a host of other activities. Of course the question on every student’s mind is: what about food? ResFest will have a variety of snack options including corndogs, a tater tot bar, sno-cones, cotton candy, and assorted beverages, just to name a few things. The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) has partnered with RHAA to sponsor some delicious ice cream treats too.

The best part is that all of these activities, snacks, and prizes are FREE! That’s right! If your student is looking for something fun to do to celebrate their accomplishments and have a great time unwinding with friends before the stress of final exams, encourage them to be in Phoenix Park on Friday, May 10 at 3:00pm. They can come for 20 minutes or stay the entire time. We just want to make sure that everyone takes advantage of this one last fun event before everyone departs for the summer!


Go Green and Donate

Again this year, Residence Life is partnering with the UW-Green Bay Campus Cupboard and St. Vincent de Paul to sponsor our annual donations drive from May 6-20, 2019.

The UWGB Campus Cupboard provides students food, clothing, and household items at no charge.  St. Vincent de Paul works to meet many of the same needs in the Green Bay area.

We are collecting items that your students may no longer need such as:

  • Non-perishable food items (SEALED boxes and cans only. No fresh or frozen foods.)
  • Clothing (Washed and in good condition.)
  • Kitchen items (Clean pots, pans, silverware, serving utensils, plates, bowls, etc.)
  • Small household items (Fans, clocks, vases, etc. in good condition. No large furniture.)
  • Shoes, boots, sandals (Clean and in good condition.)
  • School supplies (new folders and binders, unopened packets of pens, pencils, markers, etc.)
  • Text Books

Large collection bins will be located throughout housing, and in the Community Center.  Encourage your student to show their school colors by going green and donating to these great causes which benefit UW-Green Bay students and the greater Green Bay community. Thousands of pounds of items are diverted from landfills each year through donations made to this program by our on-campus students.

Welcome from the Director of Residence Life

As I look at the calendar I can hardly believe it. April? How did that happen? So, once again, I find myself reflecting on another fast-paced academic year. I would guess that your UWGB student is looking back on these last several months with the same thought. How could this year Gail Sims-Auberthave been anything but a blur? Between the rigors of a full-time academic course load, making friends, seeking out employment and getting involved in activities/organizations, it had to have been an action-packed year. I hope along the way they have created many happy memories to take with them into the summer.

As I sit down to write this, our office is wrapping up the room selection process for the 2019-2020 year. By the looks of things, we will be ‘comfortably full’ come fall. If your student was undecided about living on campus next year and up until now has passed on the opportunity to sign a housing contract, we would still appreciate the opportunity to work with them to secure housing for the upcoming academic year. They can complete this process by visiting with the staff at the reception desk at the Community Center or by visiting our website at

I want you to know what a pleasure it’s been to serve you and your student this year. For many of you, I know your student’s transition to college was not without challenge. Thank you for supporting them from home and know that we did our best to offer up assistance and campus resources as needed. Together we made a good team! Most of our residents will be leaving campus for the summer and returning home. Enjoy them and be sure to ask questions about all that they experienced at UWGB. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your interest. If your student would prefer to stay on campus for the summer, we can make that happen too. We may even have a job for them! Check out the entirety of this newsletter for more information.

Thanks again for your involvement this year! If your student is returning to campus housing, then we’ll be sure to catch you with these newsletters again starting in the fall. Enjoy your summer!

Gail Sims-Aubert

Director, Office of Residence Life

Student Employment Benefits and Opportunities

Student employment is an important part of the college experience.  Residence Life at UWGB employs many students in a variety of different positions that will provide students with the opportunity to gain skills that will be used both during their time in college and after they graduate from the university.

A quick visit to the Residence Life Student Employment page will reveal that there are a variety of student employment opportunities that are available to students at UW-Green Bay.  Each position offers different tasks and experiences which also promote learning outside of the classroom.  What a visit to the employment page will not reveal directly are the other invaluable reasons that students should apply for a student employment experience in Residence Life. IMG_8006 new

Academic Focus

Student employees are first and foremost students.  As an employer, we understand this.  Our focus is on our student employees’ academic success.  This starts at the beginning of the semester by ensuring that a work schedule does not interfere with your student’s class schedule.  It occurs during regular conversations, some formal and some casual, where a staff member will ask, “How are you classes going?”  Each semester our department also asks students to complete a mid-semester grade check for most positions.  This encourages the student to connect with their professors to receive an assessment of how they are doing.  These connections can often make the difference on the pathway to academic success.


One of the core values that we take very seriously in Residence Life is the mentorship.  As a department, we maintain an intentional focus on building relationships with the students that reside on campus but the students that work for us receive the benefit of having that interaction on a daily basis.  Our staff, from our custodians all the way up to the director, take the time to ask, “How are you doing today?”  We make sure that our student employees know that they have an on-campus resource available to ask questions.  We are invested in their success and in building relationships that last through their time at UWGB and often long after.


While teamwork may not always seem like a benefit, learning how to communicate and operate with others to accomplish a task is one of the most important transferrable skills a student employee will master during employment with our department.  Nearly all of our student employment positions offer the opportunity to operate as part of a larger team.  In some areas, like being a Resident Assistant, your student would work directly with other RAs in their building and area to ensure that their communities remain safe and fun environments to learn and grow.

As we begin this spring semester, Residence Life will be recruiting for summer and 2019-20 student employment positions.  More information is available on the Student Employment Page.  Encourage your student to apply today to take advantage of the great experience and benefits that student employment offers!




Student Resources for Success

Now that your student has completed their first semester and has begun second semester classes, you may be wondering about what campus resources to assist with your student’s academic success.

Student satisfaction and success research suggests that students who are satisfied with their university experience tend to perform well in college. Factors that contribute to student success include connecting with others, utilizing faculty office hours, getting involved in activities and events, staying healthy, and taking advantage of campus resources.

Res Life Photos-1Some examples of important campus resources include Academic Advising which provides personalized developmental advising to first-year, new transfer, and undeclared students. Through one-to-one and group sessions, students receive information and support to help them become good decision-makers and managers of their academic career. Another campus service commonly used by students is Tutoring Services offering one-to-one and group tutoring services for a variety of courses.

The Counseling and Health Center offers on-campus counseling and health services including free counseling services by licensed professional counselors and limited psychiatric services. The center also offers access to nurses for minor illnesses, vaccinations, and much more.

Finally, the Office of Residence Life employs five Area Coordinators (ACs) each supervising an “area” of residence hall and apartment buildings. Our goal is to provide guidance and advisement to students who need a Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator’s assistance, and to make appropriate referrals to campus offices and services. Students may schedule an appointment with their Area Coordinator by contacting the front desk of the Office of Residence Life, (920) 465-2040.


Making the Most of your College Experience

Living on campus has many benefits that enrich the university experience and impacts student lives.  Students who live on campus tend to be more involved in campus activities, earn better grades, and are more likely to graduate than their peers who live off campus.  Students also report that living on campus provides an opportunity to meet new friends or to live near friends, seek help with coursework, and living close by campus classroom buildings.

Some strategies you can discuss with your student to enhance their success are described in the remainder of this article.

Getting Involved In Campus Life

There are many on-campus events and activities for your student.  Resident Assistants (RAs) plan activities in each building and promote student participation in larger campus events. Participation helps promote a sense of belonging, will help your student meet other students, and learn new things.  Students who are involved in campus life report being more satisfied with their college experience.  Ask your student if they are attending any events and activities.

Help Your Students Develop a Budget
For many students, this may be a “first”. Discuss developing a budget with your student and, if possible, assist them in doing so. Expenses such as food, supplemental educational materials, personal items, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses were at the top of our list.

Realize That Sending a Student to College Is An Adjustment for Families
All of the parents we interviewed mentioned this adjustment and many of us under-estimated the sense of “loss” they feel when sending a student to college for the first time. On the positive side, this is a wonderful growth experience for parents and students.

Discuss How Often You Will Talk With Your Student & How You Will Stay In Touch
One of our “parents” suggested using FaceTime or Skype to communicate because you can notice non-verbal as well as verbal cues to how your student is doing. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from your student as often as you would like. This is most likely a good sign that they are adjusting to college, meeting friends, and getting involved in campus life. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to reach out to your student if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

Anticipate What Coming Back Home Will Be Like For Your Student
Things may not feel the same for your student when they come home. Friends may change. Expectations of who their friends are may change, therefore meeting new friends at college is very important. Several of our parents also recommended leaving their bedroom as is, so they have a comfortable and familiar place to return home. You may want to discuss which “house rules” apply now that your student is a young adult.

Ask About Roommates
Having a roommate is most often one of the best and most positive experiences a student can have while away at college. For some students it can also a challengingIMG_8295 experience. Ask your student about their roommate relationships. Offer tips and advice about adjusting to a new roommate.

Encourage Your Student To Use Campus Resources
There are many offices and people who are here to help students. Encourage your student to use campus resource such as the Dean of Students Office, Counseling and Health, Academic Advising, and the Office of Residence Life, just to name a few. Contact information can be found on the University’s web site using the directory.

Encourage Your Students To Use Faculty Office Hours
Faculty have scheduled office hours which are available for student visits and questions about assignments, course content, and just establishing a positive relationship with faculty and instructors.

We Are Here To Help!
You may contact the Office of Residence Life, (920) 465-2040,  with questions.  Although we are not able to share private information, a question you can ask is “If a student is in need of help regarding a particular issue, what would you recommend they do?

Re-Contracting for 2019-2020 Housing


It is that time again! Students who currently live in housing will soon need to decide if they are living on-campus for the 2019-20 academic year.

Re-contracting has its benefits!

  • A 0% increase in room rates for 2019-2020!
  • Safe and conveniently located housing which includes the amenities of high-definition cable television and wired/wireless high-speed Internet access in every room.
  • Living in close proximity to a variety of university programs, services, and leadership involvement opportunities that contribute much to your experience as a UWGB student.
  • The option of retaining your room or apartment for the upcoming academic year
  • Staff who provide programming and other engagement experiences, and who foster a strong and connected community.
  • Students who return will have the option to choose their own roommates.
  • Students can select their own housing! At UW-Green Bay, we offer shared bedroom apartments, private bedroom apartments, and shared residence hall rooms.
  • The advance deposit for current residents is rolled over for the next year.

The re-contracting process opened on November 1 and ends on Wednesday, March 20 at 11:59PM. On March 25 – March 29, students who have contracted will be able to select their apartment or residence hall room, if not already having retained their room during the room retention process. The time and date for students to select their room or apartment is determined by a student’s number of semesters on campus and academic credits earned.

Regardless of accommodations type, students enjoy the following amenities: private bathrooms, furnished rooms and apartments, high-speed internet access including Wi-Fi, high definition cable television service, and laundry facilities in each building.

We hope that your student has had a positive living experience on campus, and chooses to return to campus housing for another year. Many of our students remain on campus through graduation due to the variety of living options, and the many opportunities to grow and learn in a residential setting.

If your students has questions about the re-contracting process, please have them visit the Office of Residence Life, call (920) 465-2040, or email


Resident Assistant (RA) Selection Process for Fall 2019

The Resident Assistant (RA) position is among the most respected student employee opportunities on the UWGB campus. Being an RA is more than a job for most, it is a self-development opportunity. Residence Life strives to build leaders, not just hire student employees. If your student is ready for a great experience, send them our way!

RAs work 15 hours a week during the academic year and up to 40 hours a week during pre-semester training. For the 2019-20 school year, RAs will receive a room and board plan consisting of waived housing costs (ranging from $4100 – $5200 per academic year) and a meal plan (100 meals & $650 in dining points each semester). RA-WhiteThey receive a small stipend following each semester and for August training. RAs also receive training, support and mentoring by professional staff unparalleled in the student employment arena.

Successful RA candidates will have a minimum of 2 semesters living on a campus (which includes Spring 2019), a grade point average of 2.4 or better, a passion to learn about themselves and others, and a commitment to serve students. More information, including applications and a job description can be found at  For initial consideration, applications should submitted by February 4th.

Our RA selection process begins in early February, but we accept applications all year long. This allows Residence Life to select the brightest and most passionate students for these important leadership positions. The benefits of being a RA truly compliment the academic experience and give students transferrable skills that are applicable to their new careers after graduation.