Need Repairs?  Snow Slowing You Down?

As your student settles back in after the break please remind them to report any maintenance concerns and repair needs early and often regardless of how small they seem.  Maintenance requests can be submitted online through myResLink or by calling the Community Center Front Desk 24/7 at 920-465-2040.  Students are not charged for repairs unless there appears to be intentional damage, or failure to report early which results in additional damage.  Reporting repair needs early will also make the departure process easier at the end of the semester.

We have received some student concerns about snow and icy conditions on campus. We are in the heart of the winter season in Green Bay which means we will continue to experience more snow and ice.  Students can report excessive snow and ice to the Community Center Front Desk 24/7 at 920-465-2040 so it can be referred to our Facilities Management staff.

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