Is Your Student’s Room Ready for Winter?

Is your student talking to you about how their room is too cool or too warm?  Here are the top 3 ways your student should get their room ready for Wisconsin winter temperatures!

1.  Make sure the storm window is closed to prevent excess cold air from entering the room.
2.  Keep the window(s) closed and do not place a fan by the window.
3.  Submit a maintenance request online or by calling the Community Center
front desk at (920) 465-2040 to report issues in a timely fashion.

The thermostats are set to approximately 68 degrees, but will vary from 67 degrees to 72 degrees depending on where the system is in the heating cycle.  Students should not open windows to regulate heat. If the temperature drops too quickly, windows left open can cause pipes to freeze,  causing significant damage.  The person who left the window open would be held responsible for damages, so it is important to keep windows closed and allow the room to maintain a consistent temperature on its own.

If your student is experiencing issues please tell them to report it immediately!  Students should also report issues with exterior doors that are beeping or not latching completely because of ice buildup.  We want to keep the buildings comfortable and also ensure the safety of residents.

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