Summer Staff Spotlight

With only one month of summer left, we still have some student staff to share with you. Amanda Trudeau is one of our Business Service Assistants for the summer. Our BSAs work hard at our front desk answering phone calls, helping guests check in, and answering questions. They also work in our Community Center mailroom during the summer.  Amanda is originally from Marshfield, Wisconsin. She will be going into her junior year, studying nursing. For the last three years, Amanda has been a part of the UWGB Orchestra. She loves playing bass and loves the challenges of playing by herself and in ensembles. Outside of school, Amanda enjoys practicing her bass, hanging out, and sleeping (especially in her hammock). Thank you Amanda for your hard work this summer!

Fast Facts!

Name: Amanda Trudeau

Hometown: Marshfield, Wisconsin

Year in School: Junior

Major: Nursing

Position in Residence Life: Business Service Assistant

Favorite Part about UWGB: I like the people

Favorite Class/Professor: Community Clinics, I got to go everywhere in Green Bay and treat a wide range of patients and issues!

Best Study Spot on Campus: I don’t stay in one spot for very long, so I’m constantly moving locations on campus

Current Show You’re Binge Watching: The Confession Tapes

Are You A Cat Or Dog Person: Dog, but I love cats too but I’m allergic

Best Piece Of Advice You Ever Received: “I have a limited amount of time left on this planet and I’m not going to spend it being a watered down version of myself just so people like me”

If You Were Stranded On An Island And Could Only Bring Three Items, What Would They Be: My upright bass, Portkey (like from Harry Potter so I can leave), and coffee


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