Summer Staff Spotlight

 Here at the Office of Residence Life, we have many opportunities for students to work during the summer. We offer jobs such as: Summer Business Assistants, Summer Operations Assistants, a Social Media Intern, a Summer Assignments Coordinator, a Special Projects Intern aLogan O'Leary ResLife Picturend a Graphic Design Intern. Logan O’Leary, who started out as one of our Business Service Assistants last summer, is now one of our interns at the Office of Residence Life. This summer he is working as our Summer Assignments Coordinator. Logan works very productively to coordinate summer camp guests and instructors staying on campus. Logan’s favorite part about working at Residence Life is the friendly work environment.

Logan is originally from Houghton, Michigan. He is going into his senior year, studying communication with emphases in journalism and mass media. You can catch Logan at the Ballroom Dance Club and Alternate Theatre on Campus. Outside of school, Logan enjoys going to the gym, playing with his dogs, spending time with his friends, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Thank you for choosing to work with us a second time this summer!

Fast Facts!

Name: Logan O’Leary

Hometown: Houghton, Michigan

Year in School: Senior

Major: Communication with emphases in Journalism and Mass Media

Position in Residence Life: Summer Assignments Coordinator

Favorite Part about UWGB: The Nature

Favorite Class/Professor: Improv with Laura Riddle

Best Study Spot on Campus: 4th Floor in the Library

Current Show You’re Binge Watching: Brooklyn 99

Are You A Cat Or Dog Person: Both

Best Piece Of Advice You Ever Received: If you don’t squat and deadlift, you don’t lift

If You Were Stranded On An Island And Could Only Bring Three Items, What Would They Be: A fully-equipped squat rack, a fishing pole, and a survival book

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