“Quality presentations, friendly atmosphere.  I really enjoyed listening to the UWGB faculty.  I’m glad to know that there is a group of higher ed educators of high quality so close to me.”

“I liked the high school teacher/professor camaraderie. “

“Many of my students come back and tell me that they don’t have the greatest teachers when they get to college; they get professors who focus on research rather than teaching. I can easily point them in UW-GB’s direction from here on out if they want outstanding professors who both teach and research. The conference was utterly amazing, and I found myself inspired when I got back to my own classroom. I will definitely be attending in the future.”

“This was real value for money. I would think folks would pay $50 for it at minimum.  Great people. Great conversations. Loved meeting people from all over.”

“The conference committee, speakers, and support staff were all very welcoming and accommodating. I appreciated scheduling the conference for a Saturday so attending didn’t pull me away from teaching my classes during the week. I valued the opportunity for teachers to bring and present techniques that are working in their classrooms and would like to see more lesson share opportunities in the future. Attending sessions by UWGB staff were informative and helpful and I especially enjoyed our keynote speaker, Dr. Gurung, as the fields of cognitive psychology and the scholarship of teaching and learning fascinate me as an educator myself.”

“Loved all of the hands on information!”

“It was a nice combination of content and lesson plan improvement.”