Beyond the Landfill: What Will We Do with Our Garbage? Creating New Markets and Value for Waste


Over the past year, Dane County has initiated efforts to extend the life of our local landfill, adding a new recycling center, expanding cubic footage and speeding up decomposition. These changes may forestall difficult decisions about siting a new waste facility or dramatically altering how we pay for waste removal, but the solutions are temporary at best. In this Community Environmental Forum series, we explore innovations and issues of waste management in communities across Wisconsin, and in some of our largest institutions: university campuses.

To attend the Free to Public March 21 presentation:

The Nelson Institute Community Environmental Forum brings together speakers and audience members from all segments of the community — businesses, state and local government, non-profit organizations, academia and others — to learn about and discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the environment of Wisconsin, Dane County, and Madison. Our goal is to facilitate positive, productive and insightful interactions among this broad array of interests and UW-Madison students and faculty during each series.

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