A Significant (Other) Finding

by Steven Averett in The Heap

Apparently Rob Base DJ E Z Rock had it right: It does take two to make a thing go right… or into the right bin, anyway. A new United Kingdom study reveals that single women are far more likely to recycle than single men, but that couples are the most likely to recycle of all.

The study, which encompassed more than 2,000 single men and women and 3,000 couples, is part of Understanding Society – the UK’s biggest panel survey – and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and conducted by Essex University. It found that only 65 percent of singles separated recyclables, compared with 79 percent of mixed-sex couples. Of those living alone, 69 percent of women recycled some of their waste or unwanted items, whereas 58 percent of men were found to do the same.

The poor showing by single men is particularly surprising when you consider that their primary waste products are highly recyclable empty beer bottles and pizza boxes.


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