New York City May Ban Styrofoam; Looks to Double Recycling Rate

New York City may ban Styrofoam containers and is looking to double its recycling rate to 30 percent by 2017, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in his state of the city address. Bloomberg said in his address that the Styrofoam plastic

GREEN BUSINESS – Next generation sustainability

Students, schools partner with businesses on efforts to get greener UW-Green Bay/Tosca, Ltd. John Arendt is associate director of the Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) at UW-Green Bay, which provides outreach services for New North businesses on environmental issues

What can business learn about sustainability from higher ed?

You may think that universities and corporations don’t have much in common from a sustainability perspective. But a decent-size university manages the equivalent of office buildings, restaurants, hotels, laundry services, hospitals, auto repair, retailers, waste haulers, and even small energy