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Meeting Minutes From 3/31 And 4/24

Meeting Minutes 3-31 & 4-21!

For those who have not been able to attend our Tuesday meetings, here our past two minutes. Officer positions will be finalized in the coming weeks as we work to fill in some of our open seats before the semester ends. Congratulations to all who were elected at our meeting!

Meeting Minutes From 2/3

Meeting Minutes 2-3-15!

Shout out to everyone who attended our first meeting of the semester! We had a superb turn out and VolunteerHub is already starting to fill up with registrations.

With OrgSmorg now done, we are currently focusing on our cooking and serving shifts until our next big event later in the semester. See you there!

Meeting Minutes From 10/9

Meeting Minutes from 10/9/14!

Thank you to all who attended our meeting as usual. Attached is the meeting minutes. As always, view and sign up for our upcoming events on Volunteerhub!

Our next major event will be the No Waste Breakfast on October 20th starting at 7am. If you would like to help serve food, the slots are also available with our normal serving shifts on the hub.