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Budget Update

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Monday, February 16, 2015:

Dear Colleagues,

Let me bring you up to date on our planning activities related to the budget reduction exercise in which we are now engaged. First, I want to thank all those who have participated in this process as a member of one of the planning groups or by providing suggestions about how to proceed. Click here to read more »

Video: Remarks on State Budget

In a brief video message to UW-Green Bay faculty and staff, Chancellor Gary L. Miller reiterated his invitation seeking broad-based participation in campus planning to address a possible $4 million reduction in the 2015-16 budget because of state budget cuts. The video was recorded Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Click here to read more »

State Budget Town Hall Recording

In an informational budget “town hall” forum  Monday afternoon (Feb. 9), Chancellor Miller opened with remarks to faculty, staff and students prior to fielding questions and comments from attendees. Below is a recording of the chancellor’s remarks. A synopsis of the budget forum is available on the UW-Green Bay Inside news site.

Chancellor Miller’s opening remarks

27:17 | 10MB | Download the audio file

Question and answer portion

1:17:09 | 28.1MB | Download the audio file

Conversation about the State Budget

Greetings, UWGB Colleagues,

We find ourselves in challenging times.  To meet these challenges and to turn them into opportunities we will need the engagement of everyone.  Please use this space to give your best ideas and ask important questions.  I will work to answer questions and I will make sure your views are shared with the various planning and governance groups.  This is a fantastic university with an important mission.  With your help, we will move through this period and into a bright future.

Go Phoenix!

SOFAS Response on Interdisciplinarity

Cliff Abbott, UW-Green Bay Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff, issued a paper in response to Chancellor Miller’s essay Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity posted here last week. Prof. Abbott prefaces his response as follows:

The chancellor’s essay (Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity January 12, 2015) offers a vision for the type of graduate that our university should be producing and the kind of university we should be in order to accomplish that. He also offers a critique of the way we currently are structured to achieve our mission. I appreciate both the vision and the critique and I am moved to offer a response.

View the full text of Prof. Abbott’s response in the paper below.

SOFAS Response on Interdisciplinarity
by Prof. Cliff Abbott
Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
February 2015

View the full text of Chancellor Miller’s original essay below.

Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity
Essay: Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity
by Gary L. Miller, Chancellor
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
January 2015

Immediate Cost Containment Measures

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Wednesday, February 4, 2015:

As you know, we have initiated the difficult process of taking a substantial reduction in the university budget.  In order to manage resources to achieve as much flexibility as possible I am taking the following actions effective immediately:

  1. A moratorium on hiring for all positions including permanent ongoing, temporary or short-term for all employment classifications, from any fund source.  Requests for exceptions should be submitted to the Position Review Committee and approved by the Provost.  Student hires are allowed to fulfill duties normally covered by student employees.
  2. A moratorium on all out-of-state travel (excluding Minneapolis and Chicago).
  3. Immediately centralize expenditure authority for all funds.  Expenditure approval must be made at the Dean or Area Leader level.  Expenditures for Student Organizations is exempted.
  4. Immediately centralize all tuition funded cash balances outside of the tuition pool.  This will include balances in funds 131, 136 and 189.

These actions will be in effect until further notice.  Exceptions must be approved by the Provost.

I am deeply appreciative of your understanding of the necessity of these measures.

Further discussion of the proposed state budget will take place at a Town Hall Meeting, scheduled for Monday, February 9th at 2:30 p.m. in Phoenix B.  I hope to see many of you there.

c:  Council of Trustees

Essay: ‘Thoughts on Interdisciplinary’

Since arriving at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as Chancellor in August 2014, Gary L. Miller has said the University’s commitment to the ideals of interdisciplinarity, a founding principle, is both one of institution’s most important assets and potentially one of the strongest inertial forces to progress. In this essay, he reflects on higher learning, interdisciplinary education, UW-Green Bay and the intersection of larger societal, economic and education issues.

Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity

Essay: Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity
by Gary L. Miller, Chancellor
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
January 2015

Governor’s comments on faculty, staff workload

On Jan. 29, Chancellor Gary L. Miller issued the following message to all UW-Green Bay faculty and staff:

I want to join President Cross in expressing deep disappointment with the suggestion by Governor Walker that university faculty and staff do not work as hard as they could.  My nearly thirty years of experience in higher education has demonstrated to me that university faculty and staff are among the most hard working, committed and creative workers in America.  Your role is one of the most unique and important in this country – to serve your community, to create knowledge and to shape the developing mind to discern truth, evaluate evidence, develop communication skills and to learn how to learn.  It is work that requires great energy, continual study, deep commitment to learning and to those who learn and, importantly, a love of Wisconsin and its future. I want you to know I am deeply appreciative and admiring of your hard work and dedication.  I cannot think of a better group of colleagues to have at my side as we manage the unprecedented budget reductions ahead of us.  Thank you.

Gary L. Miller


Academic Achievement Night

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following invitation via e-mail to employees on Tuesday, January 27, 2015:

Excellence in academics is at the core of what we do as a university, and we will be emphasizing that commitment at the men’s basketball game on THURSDAY, February 5 at the Resch Center.  We will be recognizing the many student-athletes who have earned a GPA of 3.5 or better in the spring or fall 2014 during a halftime ceremony.

To help honor these student-athletes and thank those who contribute to their academic success, I join Athletics Director Mary Ellen Gillespie and the entire Athletics Department in inviting you – UW-Green Bay faculty and staff – to attend the game as guests of the Athletics Department.

The Athletics Department will provide a ticket free of charge for you and a guest.  Additional tickets can also be purchased for $10.

Our student-athletes’ success is made possible because of what you do for all of our students.  That is why we will be recognizing all faculty and staff colleagues in attendance during a pre-game announcement prior to the national anthem.

Here are the details:

Green Bay Men’s Basketball vs. UW-Milwaukee
Thursday, February 5, 2015
7:00 p.m. at the Resch Center

(Tickets ordered by Monday, February 2, will be mailed via campus mail. Orders received after Monday, February 2, will be held at will call.)

To order the complimentary tickets:

Gary L. Miller

Budget reductions and university autonomy

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Tuesday, January 27, 2015:


You have no doubt by now learned of the Governor’s proposal to reduce funding for the University of Wisconsin System by $300 million in the coming biennium.  The Governor is also proposing to give the University considerably more flexibility in the future by placing it in a state authority.  In the coming days we will learn more about the details of both proposals.  For now, let me tell you what we know so far.

University Autonomy

I attach a document developed by the UW System office that gives the details of the UW System autonomy plan as it is now conceived. I am also attaching communication from President Cross and Regent President Falbo.  I encourage you to read these documents carefully.  Creating a University Authority has many advantages for UWGB and I support it, as do the other Chancellors.  Many details must be worked out before the proposed July 1, 2016 starting date.

Three key aspects of the plan are critically important. (1) Shared governance and tenure will be preserved and managed by the authority board as is the case in most other states.  (2) Employees would remain in the Wisconsin Retirement System. (3) The authority would manage employee compensation plans.

Budget Reductions

The Governor’s proposed budget reduction of $300 million, if approved, represents an enormous challenge for a system still responding to six years of budget reductions.  We do not yet know how the reduction will be allocated to the campuses or what processes we will have at our disposal to smooth the reductions over a period of years.  However, the reductions will have a significant effect on UWGB and the way in which we do business.  Responding to the reductions in the next several months will be a real test of our innovative spirit.

As I mentioned in my recent convocation speech, we will deploy shared governance, UPIC (the new University Planning and Innovation Council) and the university leadership at all levels in developing recommendations to manage the reductions.  After the Governor’s speech next week, the Provost will issue a detailed schedule of our deliberations including important milestones (e.g., spring Regent’s meetings and the fiscal year end).  The schedule will also include time for town-hall style meetings to encourage broad community discussion.

It is important to appreciate that our reduction strategy must place the university in the best position possible to grow and prosper in a new autonomous UW System.  A budget reduction of this size cannot be accommodated with across-the-board cuts or adjustments at the margins.  We will have to make very hard choices and undertake a reshaping of our strategy, operations and organization. We are at an important place in our history.

Thank you. I’ll keep you posted as we learn more about these proposals.

Gary L. Miller


UW System statement re proposed budget Jan 27 (pdf)

Outline Governor Budget Proposal (pdf)