Enrollment Opportunities

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Monday, November 3, 2014:

As you are aware, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay offers an exciting and innovative university experience for students committed to being part of solutions to the major challenges of the future. Over 80% of our graduates entering the workforce find employment in a field of their choosing within months of graduation. Nearly all the others pursue professional or graduate degrees. Many of our nearly 33,000 alumni have enjoyed great achievement in their careers, including many who are among the most respected and influential citizens in the New North region and around the country. One of the most important opportunities for us is to invite additional qualified students to join us in the coming year and to develop an institutionwide process for a robust enrollment trajectory in the coming years.

The Associate Provost, Deans, enrollment staff, and I have been meeting over the last several weeks to examine our student recruitment strategy in relation to university financial models and to consider short-term initiatives for deployment this year. This past Saturday morning (November 1st) 27 university leaders—The Enrollment Leadership Team—met with me and the Cabinet to make plans for actions to be taken this semester and next. During that Enrollment Summit we agreed to work together as a university to substantially increase applications from freshmen and transfer students and to target a higher yield of qualified students from both groups for the fall semester 2015.

I wish to make you aware of steps we have taken and will be taking in the coming months:

  • I have appointed Jennifer Jones of Enrollment Services as the transitional UWGB Enrollment Leader for this initiative. Jen will report directly to me and the Provost and work with the full support of Mike Stearney and Pam Harvey-Jacobs. Mike and Pam will reorganize Admissions to provide her the support necessary to fully pursue our objectives.
  • We have set an ambitious goal for new 2015 enrollments that will stabilize the core tuition pool within three years.
  • With Jen’s leadership, UW-Green Bay will organize and execute the following three-phase initiative:
    • Phase I – Substantially increase the number of Freshmen applicants (November through December 2014).
    • Phase II—Substantially increase the number of Transfer applicants (January – July 2015).
    • Phase III – Substantially increase the yield from both Freshmen and Transfer students (February – March 2015).
  • We will develop a set of tactics that substantially expand the effectiveness of current strategies and support new approaches to enrollment growth.
  • We will deploy volunteers from all areas of the university to successfully implement these tactics under the direction of Jen Jones.

As we work through the activities of the coming months we will also be developing operational and organizational models to sustain successful tactics into the future.

I want to ask all of you to offer assistance to Jen and the Enrollment Leadership Team in the coming months. I will be happy to visit with any group desiring more information about this extremely important initiative.

Thank you.

Gary L. Miller

c: UW-Green Bay Council of Trustess


Enrollment Leadership Team


Gary Miller, Chancellor
Dan Spielmann, Chief of Staff
Kelly Franz, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Scott Furlong, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sue Mattison, Dean, College of Professional Studies
Steve Vanden Avond, Dean of Continuing Education, Outreach and Adult Access
Lucy Arendt, Associate Dean
Greg Davis, Associate Provost
Jeanne Stangel, Assistant Chancellor
Mike Stearney, Dean of Enrollment Services
Brenda Amenson-Hill, Dean of Students
Dan McCollum, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Mary Ellen Gillespie, Athletics Director
Pam Harvey-Jacobs, Director of Admissions
Jennifer Jones, Assistant Director, Marketing Media/Recruitment, Admissions
Ron Morris, Advisor, Admissions
Christina Trombley, Director, Adult Degree Program, Outreach and Adult Access
Sue Bodilly, Director of Marketing
Chris Sampson, Director of Communications
Gail Sims-Aubert, Director of Housing
Eric Craver, Director of External Relations, Outreach and Adult Access
Stacie Christian, Coordinator, Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center
Justin Mallett, Diversity Director, American Intercultural Center
Debbie Furlong, Director, Institutional Research
Brent Blahnik, Director, Office of International Education
Kari Moody, Director of Alumni Relations
Aurora Cortes, Assistant Professor, Education
Jim Rohan, Director, Financial Aid
Lisa Tetzloff, Director, Student Life

Establishment of the University Planning and Innovation Council

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Monday, November 3, 2014:

With this memo, I am establishing the University Planning and Innovation Council (UPIC) at UW-Green Bay. The UPIC will replace the University Budget Council and assume a broader array of planning responsibilities as outlined in my paper describing the new UPIC. Click here to view the paper.

Nominations for the UPIC were sent forward through the University Committee. The inaugural committee is:

  • John Katers (Faculty; 4-year term)
  • Susan Gallagher-Lepak (Faculty; 4-year term)
  • Regan Gurung (Faculty; 2-year term)
  • Christopher Martin (Faculty; 2-year term)
  • Brent Blahnik (Academic Staff; 4-year term)
  • Katrina Hrivnak (Academic Staff; 2-year term)
  • Sousie Lee (University Staff; 4-year term)
  • Tracy Van Erem (University Staff; 2-year term)
  • Vanya Koepke (Student; 1-year term)
  • Sue Mattison, Dean (1-year term)
  • Athletics Director — Mary Ellen Gillespie
  • Vice Chancellor — Kelly Franz
  • Provost — Stephen Fritz

The UPIC will be chaired by Provost Stephen Fritz and CBO Kelly Franz. The group will begin its work this semester.

This new long-term, transparent university planning process will give us a platform for making the difficult choices we have before us.

Thank you.

Gary L. Miller

An Invitation from Chancellor Gary Miller

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to UW-Green Bay Students on Monday, November 3, 2014:


My wife, Georgia, and I would like to extend an invitation for you to join us on the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 14 for a ceremony and public reception at the Weidner Center.

The occasion is my official welcome as new chancellor. The event will gather us together as a campus community to celebrate the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, its rich history and far-reaching influence. We’ll also celebrate higher education tradition with pomp, circumstance and the practice of taking stock and looking ahead at a time of leadership transition. We’ll top it all off with complimentary refreshments.

The 2 p.m. installation ceremony will feature the participation of a number of students, with music by the UW-Green Bay Chorale and the Wind Ensemble, remarks by SGA President Vanya Koepke, and assistance from the Student Ambassadors. Georgia and I hope that many more students, and student organizations, will be in attendance to share the experience and meet afterward.

It’s a special occasion and rare-enough occurrence that I think you’ll find it interesting. UW-Green Bay has had a grand total of only five previous chancellors in its nearly 50-year history. I look forward to seeing many of you in the audience and at the reception.

If you’re interested in attending or learning more, please visit the event webpage at www.uwgb.edu/installation Thank you…and Go Phoenix!

Gary L. Miller

UW-Green Bay Day at Lambeau Field

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Tuesday, October 28, 2014:

Dear Campus Community —

You are invited to celebrate UW-Green Bay’s partnership with the Green Bay Packers during UW-Green Bay Day at Lambeau Field, Saturday, Nov. 15.

This daylong event offers something for everyone, from a host of family-friendly activities to games, prizes and even an autograph session with Packers great Bill Schroeder. Attendees can engage in some fun and friendly competition with many of our great student-athletes and rub elbows with Phoenix men’s basketball coach Brian Wardle ahead of the team’s home opener against the University of Illinois-Springfield.

UW-Green Bay Day also provides an opportunity for us to show the community what this terrific University is all about. Attendees can learn more about UW-Green Bay academics, the Weidner Center, Division I athletics and much more. We are thrilled to be the higher education partner of the Green Bay Packers, and to have the chance to connect with our community in this way.

We are also in need of faculty/staff volunteers who will help with the day’s events and activities. We are asking that volunteers commit to two hours of work, but you can stay all day if you like. To review volunteer opportunities and to sign up, please visit the volunteer registration site at http://vols.pt/8mgib4.

I encourage you to check out www.uwgb.edu/packers for more information about this no-cost community event. Thank you and Go Phoenix!

Gary L. Miller

Dr. Stephen Fritz, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Monday, October 27, 2014:

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen Fritz has accepted my offer to become Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.  He will begin his term in January, 2015.

I believe Dr. Fritz’s academic background and extensive leadership experience will be a great asset as we work through our immediate challenges with enrollment, continue our Invent the Future process and move fully into a shared strategic planning process using the UPIC model.

Over the next month or so Dr. Fritz and I will be developing a plan of action for his term as Provost.  I will consult with the University Committee as we develop this action plan.

Dr. Fritz and his wife Pat will be visiting campus from time-to-time between now and the beginning of his appointment.  Dr. Fritz will, in all likelihood, want to schedule time with campus leaders during these visits and I will keep you informed as these visits are scheduled.  In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to Provost Fritz at sefritz55@hotmail.com.

I am deeply appreciative of your support of this process as we develop a new and powerful narrative for UWGB.

Gary L. Miller

Veteran Events

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller sent the following message via e-mail to employees on Monday, October 20, 2014:

I want to draw your attention to two dates important to our veteran students and their families.

On Wednesday, October 22 an important session will be held for faculty and staff in the Christie Theatre.  The event will be an orientation to promote understanding about the military culture, increase awareness about common psychological and physical conditions among Veterans; address faculty, staff and student concerns and provide helpful resources.  A panel of student veterans will present their stories and lead a discussion about the lives of veterans.

I encourage you to attend this session.  Veterans and their dependents are an important part of our university community.  Their special experiences bring a unique dimension to the classroom and to campus life.  This event, and others during the week, will help us benefit from their experiences.

The week of November 10 – 15 is Veterans Appreciation Week at UWGB.  The over 400 veterans and dependents who attend UWGB are working with staff to plan a number of activities to educate the community about the contributions of veterans and their educational needs.

Thank you.

Gary L. Miller

Interim Provost Candidates Meet and Greet

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller sent the following message via e-mail to employees on Wednesday, October 15, 2014:

Next week Wednesday and Thursday, October 22nd and 23rd, we will be hosting two candidates for the Interim Provost position at UW-Green Bay.  We would like to invite you to a reception on Thursday, October 23rd from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. in the University Union 1965 Room, where the candidates will be meeting and greeting the university community.  Light refreshments will be served.

I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd.

Gary L. Miller

Phuture Phoenix Tour

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller sent the following message via e-mail to employees on Monday, October 13, 2014:


On Tuesday and Thursday this week, UW-Green Bay will welcome more than 1,400 area fifth-graders for our annual Phuture Phoenix tour.  I am pleased that so many within our University support Phuture Phoenix by volunteering as guides, opening classrooms and greeting our young visitors.  For many fifth-graders, this will be their first opportunity to experience campus life.

Students will be touring the campus from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.  Thank you for your continued support and involvement. By welcoming our young visitors you are enhancing the success of Phuture Phoenix, which has been embraced by our community and replicated at Western Washington University, UW-Eau Claire, and Silver Lake College in Manitowoc.

I am extremely excited about this opportunity to host future college students and Green Bay citizens.

Thanks again.

Gary L. Miller

Examining the Role of the University in Economic Engagement: Survey Request

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Friday, October 10, 2014:

Dear University Community:

As I continue to listen and learn about our University, I have asked for your input on a number of topics. I’m asking you again for your opinions. Please take 15 minutes out of your day to answer this confidential survey (link provided below), by October 31.

Survey Link:  http://uwgreenbay.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_06taXMXdwccCupL

The purpose of this survey, an assessment on the role of universities in economic engagement, will help all of us better understand our institutional capabilities and aspirations. By the nature of the questions asked, it will also build awareness of some of the avenues available to us to consider and discuss as we begin to dig deeper to understand what Invent the Future could and should encompass.

A similar survey will be distributed to external stakeholders to gather input on the contributions they believe UWGB is, and should be, making in regional economic engagement.

Thank you for your input!

Gary L. Miller

Invent the Future Working Group Membership

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Thursday, October 10, 2014:

As we move forward with the Invent the Future (ITF) process and begin our university-wide conversation about future directions for UW-Green Bay, I have established four ITF Working Groups.  The Invent the Future Steering Committee, with assistance from the University Committee, Academic Staff Committee, University Staff Committee, and others on campus, made recommendations for the membership of the ITF Working Groups.  The attached list includes the names of the members of each group along with the Chair for each group (first name in bold under group).

The Steering Committee, chaired by Cheryl Grosso, will work with the Working Group chairs to start the process and summarize the community conversation as it proceeds.  I will attempt to meet with each Group as we move forward.

This is an extremely important process at this transitional time in the history of UWGB.  These conversations will help form our vision for the next decade, prepare us for some of the opportunities and challenges ahead and, most importantly, reaffirm our commitment to the university and each other.

The Invent the Future process is described in a paper found by clicking here.

Thank you all for your participation.

Gary L. Miller


Invent the Future Working Groups (Microsoft Word Document, 20.4KB)