Cats arising

In this week’s Minute with Mike, Chancellor challenges us with the question, “What does it mean to rise?” When we continue to think about how we can make others rise, (including our feline friends,) and ourselves, we lift up those around us and the university as a whole. Together, we RISE!

Minute with Mike

As the Chancellor mentioned in a previous ‘Minute,’ supporting student success is part of everyone’s job at the university. Listen to what UW-Green Bay faculty and staff have to say about supporting student success below!

Inclusivity and Student Affairs

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

Due to the advances we have made in Inclusivity and Student Affairs, we need to restructure this area in order to continue our progress after Dr. King’s departure.  The following adjustments will be made:

  1. We will begin a search for a new Vice Chancellor of Inclusivity and Community Engagement that will be chaired by Provost Kate Burns.  Inclusivity and Community Engagement are university strategic priorities for UW-Green Bay and therefore we must have a vice chancellor that is entirely dedicated to these two efforts.
  2. This change does not diminish the importance of Student Affairs, but rather also gives the opportunity for more focus on student success in this area.  Gail Sims-Aubert will retain her current title and position as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, but will sit on the Cabinet and report directly to me so that student issues are always at the heart of our conversations.  This will also allow us to continue the tremendous momentum we have in thinking holistically about students between Student and Academic Affairs.
  3. We will also make changes to Student Affairs to enable us to continue serve our students to the best of our ability. Erin Van Daalwyk will become a full-time Dean of Students, a position that we have not had a single person dedicated to for some time.  In addition, we will increase two 80% student service positions on our locations to 100% in order to make sure we can handle the growing caseload that the Dean of Students deals with on a regular basis.  We will also unite all of Student Engagement under Student Affairs with Katie Lesperance serving as Director of that unit.
  4. As a result of locating all of Student Engagement with Student Affairs, the Union will move under Business and Finance.  The Union is one of our most prominent business functions, has done tremendous work to evolve, and needs to continue to be able to develop in this manner under Matt Suwalski’s leadership.
  5. Finally, we will move University Recreation under Athletics to unite the Kress Center as a facility that provides wellness opportunities to all of our students and serves as a key way that we engage the community.

I want to thank everyone for their flexibility to embrace these changes and to keep our momentum moving forward in all of the areas discussed above. We are able to make these changes now because of the tremendous work that has occurred over the years in the Division of Inclusivity and Student Affairs.