Workload Adjustments

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for your work this week as we continue to persevere through the opening this fall. On Wednesday, the University Committee requested that we consider some steps that we can take to support faculty and staff through this difficult period. We appreciate the thought the committee put into the request and will work to respond formally to the UC on each issue they brought up. However, we thought it would be helpful to respond to the campus now on the requests from the UC regarding staff that we know we can honor right away. Broadly, the UC has asked that we proactively embrace a campus-wide cultural change that seeks to create policies to support university staff and non-instructional academic staff that recognizes their differing employment structure based on wage and hour labor regulations. We agree and also reiterate our support for the following.

  1. We will allow flexibility in work schedules that allow alterations to the typical state office shift or work day start and end times. If you need additional flexibility, please talk to your supervisor. If an agreement cannot be reached, please connect with Human Resources to discuss how we can provide as much flexibility as possible to your work.
  2. We will consider options for voluntary reduced hours or FTE reductions as needed and staffing offices on a rotational basis when possible to help improve working conditions for employees at different stages of their careers. We know this is happening all over campus. If you feel this is not being considered by your supervisor, please contact Human Resources so that an agreement can be mediated that honors a work environment that is conducive to supporting our staff.
  3. We will encourage open and honest one-on-one employee/supervisor conversations when need arises about care-giving during Covid-19. If the communication is not favorable, HR can immediately be brought in to mediate a solution that honors the needs of the employee and the work that needs to get done for the University.
  4. As was mentioned in the Chancellor address at Convocation, it is our expectation that Supervisors have compassionate compliance with pre-Covid-19 rules on employment policies for university staff and non-instructional staff positions.

Without great non-instructional staff, we can’t achieve our mission. In short, we only succeed as a whole if each person can thrive personally and professionally. Creating a culture that honors this fact is essential for us to grow as an institution. If you ever feel you are not being treated fairly or with compassion, please let Human Resources know immediately. We expect hard work and a commitment to our mission from our employees. You should expect to be treated with compassion and fairness by us, especially as we all seek to support each other through this difficult time.

Have a great weekend. Thank you for all you do and we look forward to the week ahead.


Michael Alexander

Kate Burns
Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Sheryl Van Gruensven
Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Strategy