In the Wake of Patagonia’s Decision: Sustainability in Practice

In the wake of Yvon Chouinard’s decision to transfer ownership of Patagonia, the multibillion-dollar outdoor apparel company he founded, to a trust and non-profit organization, there has been a new surge in conversations surrounding sustainability. While decisions around how an organization acts sustainably might be something you think only happens at the executive level, knowing where to find resources can be a key point in helping you become part of that conversation. Here are two websites with information about current trends in the sustainability field and ways you can help become an advocate for your organization.

Conscious Capitalism: This nonprofit organization brings together people from many different industries and fields to educate and create effective tools for developing sustainable business practices. They offer virtual events and articles for free, giving you an opportunity to learn about sustainability at your own pace.

The B Lab: The B Lab is a nonprofit that provides organizations with the tools to assess their business practices, including a certification process that takes into account topics such as social and environmental practices, legal commitments and transparency. At this time over 5,000 companies have been certified as B Corps, including major companies such as Unilever ANZ, Nespresso Global, Athleta and Patagonia.

The practice of sustainability in organizations is something that anyone can address at any time. Whether it’s creating a new business practice that is more equitable for team members, or finding a new supplier that promotes their own ethical business standards, there are many ways to get involved in the conversation. Take some time to look at your own organization and see where you might be able to take one step towards a more sustainable focus.


Learn more about sustainability through UW-Green Bay’s Sustainability Noncredit Certificate Program offered in conjunction with the Environmental Management & Business Institute (EMBI).



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Writing/Research Credit: Christopher Ledvina, UW-Green Bay Business Development Specialist