Coffee Klatches

While instructors are busily re-connecting with students, the Center also wants to help instructors and staff re-connect with one another.

We are organizing a series of “Coffee Klatches” where your colleagues will be offering answers the question: “What are you doing?” with a series of curated discussions.

Hope to see you all there!

Here is a list of the topics and times.
Facilitator(s) Topic Date and Time Link to recording
Bill Sallak What are you listening to? March 30, 1pm Recording
Ekaterina Levintova and Caroline Boswell What are you binging?: killer murder mystery edition April 1, 2pm Recording
Tara DaPra What are you writing (journaling)? April 7, 1pm Recording slides
Vicki Medland What can you start growing now? April 9, 1pm Recording slides
David Coury What are you watching? April 14, 1pm Recording
Bryan Carr, Julialicia Case, Chris Williams What are you playing? April 16, 1pm Recording
Alison Staudinger How are you engaging? (politically, socially, etc.) April 21, 1pm Recording
Jemma Lund What are you cooking/baking? April 28, 1pm Recording

CATL Game Night: Sheriff of Nottingham (Feb. 26)

UPDATE! The CATL Game Night for Mon. 2/19 has been moved to 2/26 due to weather.

CATL’s first game night game will be Sheriff of Nottingham by Sérgio Halaban & André Zatz published by Arcane Wonders. Players are merchants attempting to turn a profit by bringing their goods (and contraband) to market! It’s an easy-to-learn game of bribery, persuasion, and deceit.

We’ll be meeting:

Monday, February 26 at 7:00PM at St Brendan’s Inn in Green Bay.