“CATL, Cookies, and Conversation” on the Manitowoc Campus (Dec. 14, 11:40 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.)

Join CATL Director Kris Vespia and CATL Instructional Development Consultant Amy Kabrhel for a discussion of teaching and learning practices. Let’s reflect on our successes and struggles this semester and talk more about ways CATL can support you in your teaching. We’ll meet in F149 on the Manitowoc campus on Wednesday, Dec. 14, from 11:40 a.m. – 12:35 p.m. Please join us for this community conversation about teaching and learning and watch for CATL, Cookies, and Conversation events on the Marinette and Sheboygan campuses next semester.

Distance Education Certificate and Course Enrollments (2022-23 AY)

CATL is excited to announce that we are continuing the Distance Education (DE) Certificate program that launched last year! Instructors developing or reworking a course for any of UWGB’s distance education modalities are encouraged to participate and complete the full certificate.

The Distance Education Certificate consists of three courses which act as progressive steps in a sequence. Instructors will earn a digital badge after completing the first and second courses in the series, and the Distance Education Certificate after completing the third course. Qualifying instructors will also earn stipends after completing the second and third courses in the sequence.

Course Availability, Deadlines, & Compensation

Course 1: Learning and Integrating Technology for Education (LITE) 101

  • All full-time instructors will be automatically enrolled in LITE 101 in a cohort based on academic unit. The course will remain open indefinitely, and there is no deadline for completion.
  • Instructors working toward the DE Certificate who complete LITE 101 will be able to enroll in LITE 201 the following semester.
  • LITE 101 is not tied to a stipend.

Course 2: LITE 201 (Trail Guides)

  • Registration for the Spring 2023 cohort of LITE 201 closed Jan. 31, 2023. Stay tuned for information on future enrollments!
  • Full-time instructors who complete LITE 201 within the 2022-23 academic year will qualify for a $750 stipend.*

Course 3: LITE 301 (Retreats)

  • Registration for the Spring 2023 cohort of LITE 301 closed Jan. 31, 2023. Stay turned for information on future enrollments!
  • Full-time instructors who complete LITE 301 within the 2022-23 academic year will qualify for a $750 stipend.*

*To receive compensation, participants must receive approval from their unit chair. Instructors that have already met their maximum overload payment for the academic year do not qualify for compensation.

If you have questions about these courses, please contact CATL at catl@uwgb.edu. If you have questions about compensation or the payment process, please contact Human Resources at hr@uwgb.edu.

The first course in the DE Certificate series is called Learning and Integrating Technology for Education (LITE) 101. This self-paced course includes information about the different course modalities offered at UW-Green Bay, as well as the technologies you might use for teaching in each one, including in-person teaching. This course also serves as the foundation of the DE Certificate series because it provides an overview of our specific distance education modalities and the technologies that will help you to be successful in them.

LITE 201: Trail Guides (formerly just called Trail Guides) picks up where the first course leaves off. LITE 201 course centers on developing learning pathways for students. This self-paced course is for you if you would like to explore how to develop distance education courses more systematically. Through LITE 201, you will develop a module for a distance education course. LITE 201 is self-paced but offered on a semester basis.

In LITE 301: Retreats (formerly just called Retreats), you will be encouraged to reflect on your own teaching practices. LITE 301 focuses on the process of using feedback, reflection, and scholarly teaching practices to refine classes. You will, for example, explore scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) literature relevant to issues in your course or to revisions or teaching innovations you are considering. You will also engage with several of your colleagues through synchronous and asynchronous activities designed to support your efforts in reflecting on and refining your teaching practices. LITE 301 is offered as a cohort-based, semester-long community of practice.