Reading Circle: “Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)” (Aug. 12, 2021)

Join CATL and Tara DaPra (English) this summer for a reading circle on Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)! Participants will read the book on their own and then on Thursday, Aug. 12, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. we will meet synchronously to discuss our thoughts on the book.

There are limited physical copies available on a first-come, first-served basis, however, all that wish to participate will also have access to the e-book through the UWGB libraries.

Cover for Ungrading

Edited by Susan D Blum, a professor of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, Ungrading compiles the experiences of fifteen instructors who took the “ungrading plunge.” Their accounts demonstrate some of the varied approaches of gradeless teaching—along with the unique challenges—but ultimately, all reflect the positive impact going gradeless has had on their students. Backed by extensive research on learning methodologies, the book welcomes readers to challenge their preconceived notions about learning and assessment, and to consider adopting a more student-centric metric of academic success.

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