Call for Spring 2022 Teaching Circles (due Feb. 9)

When is the last time you and colleagues had the opportunity to sit down together and just talk about teaching and learning? Do you miss those meaningful discussions that it seems there is no time for today? Let CATL help you with our Spring 2022 Teaching Circles. Yes, there will be some time commitment, but the return on investment may be well worth it: connection, community, and renewed teaching energy.   

What are Teaching Circles?

Faculty-led, seminar-style monthly reading and/or discussion groups in which instructors engage with a concept or issue relevant to their teaching 

What would we talk about?

Here is a list of potential Spring 2022 topics:

  • Book group – What Inclusive Instructors Do  
  • Book group – Ungrading  
  • Emotional Labor in Teaching 
  • Teaching, Misinformation, and Science (or Information Literacy) 
  • Promoting Discussion/Engagement in Different Course Modalities 
  • OR Propose your own Teaching Circle topic! 

How can you participate?

  1. Propose a Teaching Circle: Gather a group of interested colleagues and email with your participant names and Teaching Circle topic pitch. Let us know if you think others from across campus might wish to join! Teaching Circles may be led by you or a colleague with support from CATL staff.  
  2. Express Interest in Joining a Teaching Circle: If you would like to join a Teaching Circle on a specific topic but don’t have a group of people identified, please email with your name and topic of interest. We will work to form groups, if possible, or advertise in our Teach Tuesday emails for potential members. 

How will CATL Support a Teaching Circle?

CATL staff can collect registrations, and/or provide suggested activities and structure, as well as share links to the e-books above (What Inclusive Instructors Do & Ungrading)  which are available online. We may be able to provide other books of interest. A small stipend is available for the leaders of Teaching Circles for organizing the group and its meetings.  

First deadline for proposals: Feb. 9; we’ll issue a call for participants by Feb. 15