Reading and Resources About AI in Education

To help you as you research and explore AI tools, we have provided a list of resources and additional readings on the topic of AI-text generative technology below.  

Higher Education Responses

Playing Around with AI

Additional Reading

Other Center Resources

How can I learn more?  

We will update this blog post as new research emerges on AI. Keep in mind as you review the resources that AI tools and applications will continue to be released in the coming months and develop very rapidly. You may want to check back to this site for updates. Another way to learn more is by staying up to date with the conversations occurring on campus by registering for AI events that will occur during the spring 2023 semester. In addition to these workshops on AI, CATL will continue to provide more blog resources on these tools throughout the spring semester and CATL will be releasing a Canvas course with more resources soon. 

Keep the Conversation Going!  

We want to hear from you! Have you incorporated AI-generative tools in your course instruction? If so, what ideas, challenges, and feedback can you share with us as other instructors consider these tools? What guidelines, syllabus statements or lessons have you added to your course relevant to AI use? What benefits or shortcomings of these new tools have you identified from an instructional standpoint?  

To share your ideas and thoughts please email us at!  The more we all familiarize ourselves with the tools and engage with them, the clearer the implications the tools will have on teaching and learning.  

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