Reading and Resources About AI in Education

To help you as you research and explore AI tools, we have provided a list of resources and additional readings on the topic of Generative AI technology below.

Additionally, CATL developed a GenAI checklist for instructors that will help you assess the extent to which generative AI will affect your courses and provide guidance on steps for moving forward.

Generative Artificial Intelligence In the Classroom

ChatGPT, built on the GPT-4 system, and other Generative AI platforms, offer unique opportunities for instructors and students to leverage the technology while still providing robust, comprehensive learning experiences. However, some instructors are apprehensive about its potential misuse by learning activities. Below you will find a variety of resources on how to use generative AI in classroom activities, with examples of activities that may not require any usage of AI.

Add a Generative AI Syllabus Statement

Incorporating Generative AI

Working Around Generative AI

Additional Resources on Assessment and Generative AI

Learning to Use AI Yourself

Playing Around with AI

Additional Commentary on AI (Articles, Podcast, etc.)

Other Center Resources

Learn More

Explore even more CATL resources related to AI in education:

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