Pre-Institute Workshop (Jan. 11–12, 2021)

CATL is holding sessions embracing the name of “workshop” as an analogy: milling, sanding, and finishing courses or assignments. Attendees will build community as they dovetail one another’s successes and chisel away at shared challenges. Small group topics to true up our teaching will emerge organically from those who attend as we work together to embrace the grain of courses with character. Sign up to sand and buff out problem spots in your courses with colleagues who are addressing similar concerns.

The workshop will include roughly four to five hours of synchronous and asynchronous elements spread out over these two days. Instructors will earn a small stipend upon completion.

👓 Description

Do you wish that you could pick the brains of your colleagues but feel guilty about bothering them with yet another Zoom meeting? Sign up for a virtual workshop where you can sand and buff out the problem spots of your courses with colleagues who are addressing similar concerns. The workshop will include roughly four to five hours of synchronous and asynchronous elements spread out over these two days. This workshop is for you if you have good ideas to share or just wish to tinker with your course.   

Learning outcomes 

  • Participants will form groups to address problems that have arisen for them in their pandemic classrooms. 
  • Participants will work to smooth out rough spots. 
  • Participants will articulate ways they will tinker with their courses to enhance student learning. 

⏳ Time commitment

The workshop will include roughly four to five hours of synchronous and asynchronous elements spread out over January 11 and 12.

🔨 Deliverable 

Each group will articulate an outcome for their workshop team in consultation with a member of CATL. Each team will share out a draft or tangible progress with the rest of the pre-conference workshop groups. Participants can also volunteer to share out their team’s “deliverable” at a dedicated Instructional Development Institute session. Participants may also opt-in to meet with their collaborators during Spring 2021 semester to discuss progress and new rough spots.

💵 Compensation 

Participants will earn $100 for successful completion of the workshop. 

🔑 To register 

Please see our registration form to register for this or any other January program.