Self-Paced Course: Pivotal Pedagogies (Jan. 2021)

This self-paced course helps instructors strategize ways to help all students be full course participants if they engage synchronously or asynchronously.  

🎯 Learning Outcomes 

  • Participants will plan to incorporate students synchronously and asynchronously in one of their courses. 
  • Participants will explore inclusive teaching strategies: Universal Design, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 

⏳ Time commitment

This self-paced course takes about ten hours to complete

🔨 Deliverable 

Participants will develop an “online core” for their classes that articulate how they will incorporate students synchronously and asynchronously. 

💵 Compensation 

Participants will earn $500 for completing their online core. 

🔑 To register 

Please see our registration form to register for this or any other January program.