Course: “Pandemic to Online” (Jan. 4–18)

This course is for instructors who would like to take their recently created pandemic courses and turn them into fully online classes. This is for you if you anticipate offering your pandemic course in the online environment in the future.

👓 Description

The Pandemic Teaching to Online Teaching January training aims to help instructors build on their experience teaching a pandemic course while engaging with what it means to be an online instructor and how an online course differs from its in-person counterparts. The target audience for this training is instructors that are planning on adapting a course taught during the pandemic to a fully online course. 

🎯 Learning outcomes 

  • Participants will deepen engagement with current best practices in online pedagogy. 
  • Incorporate their “presence” in their online course. 
  • Implement strategies to increase student engagement in the online classroom. 
  • Select tools and features of Canvas that can assist when teaching online.

Time commitment

This is a two-week course running from Jan. 4 to 18. This session will be largely asynchronous with optional, live meetings interspersed.  

🔨 Deliverable 

This course will have two deliverables. In January, participants will create an introductory module for the online course they’re developing and a plan for their first instructional module.  Later in the spring they will reflect on how their plans have fared and seek to refine them further. 

💵 Compensation 

Instructors will earn $500 for completing their module and course plan in January and another $500 for completing their reflection by the end of the contract period in May.

🔑 To register 

Please see our registration form to register for this or any other January program.