Course: “My-flex” (Jan. 4–18)

You may have found yourself grappling with how to incorporate students in more than one environment at the same time. Maybe you teach a “virtual classroom” course, but some students attend asynchronously. Maybe you teach hybrid or in-person but have some students who attend from at home. This course is for you if you incorporate students across space and time. We will take wisdom from the “hyflex” teaching style and adapt it to the circumstances of your courses, turning hyflex into “my-flex.”

👓 Description

Many instructors have incorporated elements of hyflex teaching into their courses during the pandemic. This method for teaching in multiple learning environments at the same time holds great promise. But hyflex also begs difficult questions: how can I adopt this style without developing three versions of the same class? How can I prepare lessons if students choose how to participate? How can I ensure that students reach the same learning outcomes across multiple environments in an equitable way? 

This two-week session is for those who have (or would like to) dip(ped) their toes into the hyflex waters and seek to deepen their engagement with this teaching style. During these two weeks, participants will explore hyflex and adapt useful elements to their own teaching practice, turning hyflex into my-flex.   

🎯 Learning outcomes 

  • Participants will explore the hyflex teaching modality. 
  • Participants will discover which elements suit their teaching needs. 
  • Participants will implement hyflex elements into their courses. 
  • Participants will develop an assessment plan to know how equitably students are reaching course learning outcomes in the modalities of instruction. 

Time commitment

This is a two-week course running from Jan. 4 to 18. Participants will be able to choose to participate synchronously or asynchronously. 

🔨 Deliverable 

This course has two deliverables. In January, instructors will produce an introductory module and unit of instruction. In May, instructors will reflect on their experience and develop a plan to assess the degree to which students have achieved learning outcomes in the various modalities of instruction. 

💵 Compensation 

Instructors will earn $500 for completing their module and course plan in January and another $500 for completing their reflection by the end of the contract period in May. 

🔑 To register 

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