Self-Paced Course: Foundations of Teaching with Canvas

This self-paced course is for those who are unfamiliar with Canvas and would like to start building their courses from a solid foundation. 

🎯 Learning outcomes 

  • Participants will explore the key tools of Canvas: discussions, gradebook, assignment, quizzes, and pages. 
  • Participants will implement course elements in Canvas while learning about them.

⏳ Time commitment

  • This self-paced course takes about five hours to complete.
  • We ask that those who sign up at this time complete the course by the end of May, 2021.

🔨 Deliverable 

Participants will develop the beginnings of a course in Canvas using a guided checklist to demonstrate mastery of the core functions of Canvas. One of the CATL staff will review the course you’re working on with a rubric that is available within Foundations.

💵 Compensation 

Participants will earn $150 for completing their Canvas course checklist.

🔑 To register 

Please see our registration form to register for this program.