Foundations of Teaching with Canvas

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Foundations of Teaching in Canvas, was designed to help instructors use Canvas as an ally in their teaching. It should be useful regardless of how you teach – online, face-to-face, hybrid, blended, or a combination of all of these. We hope the Foundations Course will provide a solid base from which you can launch your preparations for the Fall.
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  • Please fill out this Qualtrics form to indicate interest in the course.
  • After you fill out the form, someone in the Center will enroll you in the Foundations course. Please send an email to if you have not been enrolled after 24 hours.
    • If you are new to UW-Green Bay, please note we will not be able to enroll you until you have your UWGB login credentials. Please reach out to your supervisor to learn more.
  • Once you are enrolled, you will receive two course notifications from Canvas, one for the Foundations course, and another for a “template” course.
    • The template will have the basic ingredients of a class laid out. Much of the Foundations Course will serve as a recipe for cooking up your class in Canvas. Completing the Foundations Course will set up more advanced work this summer where you can work on perfecting your class’s secret sauce.

There is also an alternative way to show mastery of Canvas in the Foundations course. We encourage to register for the course to see if that is the right choice for you.

Those who successfully complete the Foundations course are eligible for a $150 stipend. The Center commits itself to helping all UWGB community members in their professional growth as it relates to teaching and learning.

Staff members who are also teaching or who use Canvas as part of their work (advising, for example) should contact their supervisor and Human Resources ( to be sure that they are eligible for the stipend. The course is open to all.

Opting-Out of Foundations of Teaching with Canvas to Access Advanced Course

In order to engage in more advanced training this summer, you are required to either complete this course or show alternative mastery of Canvas. Think of it as a program prerequisite that helps instructors and learners build on prior knowledge together in advanced courses. Instructors opting to show alternative mastery will not be eligible for compensation for the Foundations of Teaching with Canvas course.

How does the opt-out process work?

Please use this checklist to preview what we’ll be looking for in your opt-out example course. The checklist is structured in a way to draw out the elements of your example course that best exemplify the components that provide an inclusive and equitable experience for all of your students, regardless of how they’re able to attend your course’s delivery method. We ask that you fill out this Qualtrics form to show your mastery of Canvas.

The form will ask you to 1) describe how you meet each standard in the checklist and 2) provide the web address for the page in the course where you meet each standard. If you believe that you have met the spirit of the standard but not the letter of the standard, explain that too. For example, perhaps you do not use rubrics, but you can explain how you do something that is equivalent.

Once you have submitted the form, someone in the Center will go over your course and respond as soon as we are able.