Social Justice Series Digest

An important part of CATL’s programming is professional development opportunities that delve into the issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. From workshops on HIPSmicroaggressions, and holiday observances, to a collaborative series with First Nations Studies faculty, our programming schedule has some exciting opportunities coming up. You can find a list of our current Social Justice Series programming below. Check back as we update it throughout the spring and summer as events develop.

Building Our Shared Stories Through First Nations Student Engagement

The aim of this series is to expand our community’s understanding of Wisconsin’s First Nations, and, ultimately, enable faculty and staff to have the comfort and capacity to better serve our First Nations students. We hope that you will join us as we learn how to “build our shared stories” together.

Spring Events Digest

In addition to further programming still in the works, CATL invites you to take a look below at some of the workshops, reading groups, and ongoing programs we have planned for the Spring. Click on any of the titles listed below to learn more and stay tuned for updates!

Sparkshops Digest

Sparkshops are short, interactive, “lite” workshops that departments can request through CATL for their department meetings or other events. These workshops are meant to ignite the curiosity of participants and point them toward resources for further development and learning. A sparkshop is a great way for a chair to add some professional development to their agendas! Request a sparkshop below by emailing

  • Sparkshop: Open Educational Resources (OER)
    The OER Strategic Initiative Team will provide a brief overview of what an OER is, preview the Call for Participants, and present some research that will help instructors decide if this is a strategy they might be able to use to improve student success and retention, promote equity and inclusion, embrace digital transformation, and take a small step towards improved sustainability practices.