Academic Integrity Live Panel & Workshop

Join Bill Dirienzo, Mark Olkowski, Nichole LaGrow, and the rest of the CATL team for a virtual panel discussion around academic integrity at UW-Green Bay on Nov. 13 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  

Prior to the meeting, resources and recent research will be made available on the CATL blog so that we begin our discussion with a shared vocabulary of the issues students, instructors, and staff face with regards to academic dishonesty and the policies our institution already has in place. 

We’ll follow the panel discussion with some suggestions for fostering a culture of academic integrity, using campus supported technologies to start a dialogue with students about authentic work, and provide some examples of authentic assessments to support instructors as they build out endofsemester exams and assessments. 

RSVP for this event here: 

Tough Talk: Gender Bias in Big Data

We’re going to run our “Tough Talks” a little differently this semester! Please sign up to be enrolled in a Canvas course, through which we’ll host asynchronous discussions covering readings and resources our co-facilitators find of value for this topic. We’ll leave the discussions open for about three weeks, and then those of us who are able meet, will convene to discuss some actionable, tangible strategies or steps we can take to affect change at UW-Green Bay.

Our first “Tough Talk” is about gender bias in big data which will be co-facilitated by Dr. Christine Smith, Psychology & Women’s and Gender Studies. We’ll discuss chapters from the book Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez as well as some other resources—all of which are available via the Canvas course. This course will have “rolling enrollment” but the discussions for this event will run between Oct. 1–Oct. 21. Our synchronous meeting will be held Oct. 22 from 3-4 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. Sign up for this event series here.

Drop-in Sessions Continue through Oct. 2

As you embark on the semester, CATL is here to help. We’ll continue to offer drop-in session office hours to answer the questions that the start of the semester has likely raised. We’ve shuffled the times around in an attempt to accommodate as many folks as possible, so see the full schedule under the calendar of events at We’ll be hosting these sessions via this Blackboard Collaborate Ultra room. Can’t make it? You can also view recordings of various CATL webinars here or request a consultation by clicking the button on the CATL homepage.


The Fall Showcase (October 2020)

Have you ever put in a ton of work to overhaul a class? How about committee work to assess a program? This work is often thankless and goes unnoticed. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Provosts’ Office seek to change that with an event specifically designed to spotlight this important work. The Fall Showcase will bring together bring (asynchronously) some of our most creative minds and highlight their work at investigating the effectiveness of teaching and learning strategies.


The fall showcase will be a virtual poster session. Presenters will submit a virtual poster (on a PowerPoint template provided by the Center) along with a short description of their work. This description will stand-in for the “spiel” that one might give in a live poster session in a face-to-face event.

Attendees and presenters will be able to interact through VoiceThread.

In this way we hope to simulate the give-and-take of a live poster session.


Examples of submissions may include UW-Green Bay Teaching Scholars projects, UW Teaching Fellows and Scholars projects, scholarly teaching efforts, or creative attempts at changing assignments to deal with pandemic circumstances.


Since this is a multi-stage event, there are multiple deadlines:

  • Deadline to apply for presenters: Sep. 25
    • CATL will notify presenters by Oct. 2 and include presentation kit (template and guidelines for talking points, etc.)
  • Deadline to submit presentation: Oct. 16
    • The Center will prepare the online gallery of presentations
  • Open comment period for attendees: Oct. 20–Oct. 23
    • Attendees and presenters will engage in back-and-forth regarding topics


Email a brief description of the project you would like to present along with a summary of the methods you used and your findings (it is o.k. to submit anticipated findings).

Send your email to


Individuals or groups who have engaged in educational research, scholarship of teaching and learning, scholarly teaching, or innovative assessment practices.

Webinars & Drop-ins (Aug. 24–Sep. 4)

To accompany their growing set of resources, CATL will be offering a daily webinar and a separate daily drop-in session Aug. 24–Sep. 4 via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. See the full schedule under the calendar of events at Links have been updated!



Can’t make it? You can also view recordings of various CATL webinars here.