Follow-up Resources for Academic Integrity Panel & Workshop

Many thanks to our panelists Bill Dirienzo, Nichole LaGrow, and Mark Olkowski for leading a conversation around academic integrity for our campus. Below are some clips from the panel that helped steer our discussion—feel free to comment below or email us at

Videos segments from the panel

Resources to Follow Up on Panel Conversation:

Since we had quite a few questions about online proctoring services, we wanted to follow up with some links to articles about proctoring tools and the artificial intelligence programs many of these companies use to verify student’s identity and flag certain behaviors. 

Here is some research around using proctoring tools a method for mitigating academic dishonesty and cheating in online and in-person assessments—though these sources also provide plenty of alternatives to using proctoring services as well. 

Here is the PowerPoint presentation (in PDF format) including some links out to resources.


Here is a crowd-sourced collection of some strategies our attendees explored that seek to decrease one of the dimensions in the "academic misconduct" triangle.

If you’re interested in learning more about the resources that helped inform this panel and workshop, please check those out here.

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