Why Job Fairs Are Beneficial To You as a Student

Being a college student, you are bombarded every day by one daunting concept: Your Future. Questions about your future can become monotonous, especially when you don’t know the answers. However, if you want to get some ideas about your future, a great place to start is a job fair. 

Even though it sounds simple, a certain amount of preparation is needed to have successful job fair experience.  Finding out information about companies that will be at the job fair beforehand is key; you want to know what a company does so they know you are sincerely interested. Also, you will need to prepare a resume, proofread it multiple times for errors, and make sure it’s clear and concise. Proper wardrobe is also part of preparation, as is with any interaction with a potential employer. Some other items to bring: pens, notepad, prepared questions, work samples, transcripts, and references.

Job fairs are useful for many reasons, but the simplest reason is that they help you get your foot in the door of the career you want. Talking with professionals gets your name and resume out there.  If you make a great first impression at a job fair with an employer, and later apply for a job with them, you are more likely to get hired because they will remember you.

As we talked about previously, networking is important and vital to beginning a career and job/career Fairs are the perfect places to start. At a job fair, everyone that you need to meet is brought into one place at one time for your convenience! There’s no down side.

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