Still Undecided?? Let Career Services Help You Choose the Perfect Major!

November is here, and that means Spring Registration is just around the corner.  This is the time that students frantically search for classes to fill their class schedules. Often times this task is daunting enough for students, but without an academic plan or goals, this can be an extremely dreadful event for many students. If you’re reading this thinking, “I’m one of those students”, keep reading. I’ve got some great tips and tools for making this year’s registration as smooth as possible.

 Choosing an academic path and major is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but that’s what our excellent counselors at Career Services are here for! They can help you recognize your interests and skills through an assortment of career planning and interest assessments. They can give you their best advice, and ultimately help you choose the best path for you. They are here to help YOU! Making an appointment is easy. Call us at (920)-465-2163, and our wonderful office staff will help schedule you an appointment that works right into your schedule!

 There is also a Career Planning course that is offered every fall and spring semester. The assignments of this course focus entirely on self-assessment by learning and applying different career planning theories, and exploring the career options available to you. This course gives you an in-depth look into your personal goals and interests, which will eventually help you, choose the best major-match for you. Look for Human Development 225 if you’re interested in signing up for this course. You can also visit the Career Services Webpage for more information.

 With these tools, you will have a path cleared away in no time! Our staff has made it their mission to do their very best to help all students, so take advantage, make an appointment today!