Step-by-Step: (PRO) Phoenix Recruitment Online

With the fall semester almost half complete, some of you may be thinking about what is next. Spring and summer jobs and internships might be on your brain, but you may not be sure where to find these jobs and internships—that’s when you can look to UWGB’s Phoenix Recruitment Online, otherwise known as the PRO system. You may be thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?”, and that is exactly what I plan to change. I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to using the PRO system as well as some great advice from our career counselors and students like you who have found success through PRO. Let’s begin.

Step One: To begin this process you will need to login to PRO. Each student has an account created by the university which you can access through the Career Services homepage or through the UWGB Student homepage by clicking Phoenix Recruitment Online. The username  you will use will be: uwgb_the last 9 digits of your student ID. The password you will use will be: your birth date (MM/DD/YY).

Step Two: Once you have logged in, you will be staring at the PRO Home screen. You will be greeted by PRO’s friendly “Welcome” announcement, along with a list of directions to help you navigate the system. First you want to click on My Account–>My Profile. Under this tab, you will find your personal account and profile set up for you by the university. Here you are able to edit your personal information, demographic information, skills, and additional or miscellanious information. You can move easily between these sections by clicking on the tabs located at the top of the page. If you go back to My Account–>My Documents, you will be directed to a new page that again lists exactly how to navigate through uploading documents to PRO. Important documents to upload here are, your resume, cover letters, recommendations, and any other reference material that would be beneficial to a potential employer. You can upload these documents by clicking Upload File in each of the sections available. According to our Career Counselors here in the office, this section is probably the most important section of the PRO system. Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director or Career Services, stated, ” First and foremost, make sure that students have a resume uploaded into PRO and that it is viewable to employers…” Once you have uploaded a document, such as a resume, you should always be sure to go back into My Account–>My Profile to edit the “Employer Can See Resume” in the Additional Information section to YES.

Step Three: Now that you’re logged in, and up-to-date, you’re ready to begin your job search. At this point you will want to click the Jobs tab. You will then be directed to a search screen. From here, you have the option to search for jobs by: keyword, industry, position type, job ID (if known– but not likely) and  job function. The most common search and probably most productive way to search is by position type or job function. Through these choices you will most likely be exposed to the most job opportunities.

Step Four: Once you have found a job or internship that you might be interested in, you can use PRO to apply for the position. By clicking on the postion name, you will be directed to a “Job Profile” screen. By looking under the “Applications Instructions” you will find instructions for applying. Questions regarding how to apply or understanding how to apply are always welcome in the Career Services Office. You can reach us by email, phone or by stopping in to set up an appointment with one of our counselors for additional help.

Step Five: Patience. Patience. Patience. Many students have already found success through using the Phoenix Recruitment Online, and our hope is that you can too! By following these simple steps, you can take the hassle out of the job search. In a quote from Linda Peacock Landrum, she states, “I try to equate using PRO today like someone 15 years ago would utilize newspapers to search for employment. If you were looking for a job in Green Bay 15 years ago, it would be natural to use the Press-Gazette to look for a job–you would not ignore it. Therefore if you knew that employers wanted to post jobs and internships directly to UW-Green Bay students–why would you not use the resource designed to do just that??”

Applying for jobs is a tricky business, but with good instruction and help from UWGB’s PRO system, you’ll find yourself a “PRO” in no time ;)