Some Words About Internships

In college today, it is important to get as much experience as possible. Obviously, all of the classes you take will allow you to gain useful information and knowledge about your career, but it won’t get you valuable field experience that could be the difference in getting a job once you graduate. Internships will be that difference.

What is an internship? It’s a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a certain occupational field. Usually internships last a semester, or sometimes even a year.  Interns typically work between 8-20 hours per week with either pay or college credit. They allow students to determine if the career they have chosen is truly the right one for them.

Why should you do an internship? That’s easy- Automatic ‘A’! No not really, but you can get academic credit for your internship, with the potential to earn a good grade depending on the quality of your work. Also, you can gain invaluable work experience and make professional contacts in the field of your choice, once again NETWORKING! In some cases, an internship could lead to a job with the company after graduation.

There are plenty of places to search for an internship. The biggest library of internship choices for UWGB students is Phoenix Recruitment Online, or, PRO. PRO is a comprehensive database of internships that are posted by companies all over the nation. This is the easiest way to find an internship that might be suitable for you. Another way is to talk to the advisor in your academic program. Usually this person is well connected in the field and will know about quite a few places to intern.

Doing internships are important and they will help you get a job. Work experience, whether it is paid or unpaid, will make you more employable. Internships are also meant to be a learning experience, so in order to be successful at your internship, or any job for that matter, you must open yourself up

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